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April 27, 2018 | By Cole Hatcher

Slater Sabo ’19 presents a paper at the 2018 National Phi Alpha Theta Conference.

A History-Making Moment

Ohio Wesleyan Student Presents Paper at Phi Alpha Theta Honor Society Convention

Name: Slater Sabo ’19

Major: History

Minor: Politics and Government

Hometown: Gypsum, Colorado
Experience: Presenting at the Phi Alpha Theta History Honor Society Biennial Convention

Sabo presented a scholarly paper at the 2018 National Phi Alpha Theta Conference in New Orleans. His paper, “The Compromise of Individual Freedom in the Interest of National Security: The U.S. Fighting Man’s Code of 1955,” was written for Historical Inquiry (HIST 250), taught by Xiaoming Chen, Ph.D., professor of history.

Richard Spall, Ph.D., OWU’s Cornelia Cole Fairbanks Professor of History, attended Sabo’s presentation. “Slater’s paper was very ably presented, reflecting both the depth and quality of his research and also his deft and engaging writing style,” Spall said. “He also demonstrated the valuable skill of thinking on his feet, fielding questions, and self-editing when time limits impinged. His paper attracted the greatest number of questions and favorable comments in the discussion that followed. He represented OWU admirably, and the History Department is justifiably proud of his performance.” 

Lessons learned 

“[My favorite moment was] I visited the National WWII Museum twice during my trip as it was only a few blocks from my hotel, and the convention gave me two free tickets to it. The scale and detail of the museum is incredible. I also, of course, enjoyed actually presenting my paper, even though I was very nervous and it went very quickly.

“I learned about another travel-learning opportunity provided by the WWII Museum, which I have applied to, that sends students to the Normandy D-Day sites for a two-week travel-learning course.

“Experiences [such as] this one are important for the wider development of students.”

Why I chose Ohio Wesleyan 

“I spoke with a representative at a college fair and took advantage of the significant financial aid that OWU offers.”

My plans after graduation 

“I do not yet have any definite plans for after graduation. I may choose to go to graduate school and pursue a career in military history.”