Ohio Wesleyan offers a broad range of U.S., European, Pacific Asian, and Latin American history courses. You have a great deal of creativity and flexibility in designing a program that suits your personal and historical interests, whether by taking listed courses or pursuing independent studies with individual faculty.

About the Majors

Ohio Wesleyan's history program gives you two major options, so you can create a program that fits your interests and career goals.

  • The History major provides both breadth and depth of historical knowledge, combined with a focus on how to think critically, write cogently, research carefully, and speak clearly. These vital skills will help you no matter what career you ultimately choose. You select ten courses -- two each from the three departmental areas (U.S., Europe, and Pacific Asia, the Middle East, or Latin America).  The ten classes you choose have to include a topics seminar and a pre-modern course (see the department for a list).  No more than three may be at the 100-level.  But one history course can satisfy multiple major requirements.  For example, a topics seminar in medieval history would also count as a pre-modern and European course.  Finally, all majors have to complete HIST 250 (Historical Inquiry) with a C- or better, preferably in the sophomore year.

    Students who have a strong interest in a particular topic, wish to earn departmental honors, or plan to attend graduate school may submit a research proposal for a two-semester independent project. The research proposal must be submitted for departmental approval no later than week twelve of the spring semester of the junior year and have the endorsement of the full-time member of the Department of History who will supervise the independent project.

    Exemptions: Scores of 4 or 5 on the American History Advanced Placement test may be honored as credit for HIST 113 or HIST 114 (but not both). For scores of 4 or 5 on the European History Advanced Placement test, credit is given only for HIST 112. For scores of 4 or 5 on the World History Advanced Placement test, credit is given for HIST 120. World history counts as an elective but not an area distribution. Students successfully completing A-Levels will receive one credit to be applied to the appropriate departmental area to be determined by the department.
  • The History Education major offers those interested in teaching in middle or high school the opportunity to study history and qualify for licensure in integrated social studies (Grades 7-12). You complete eight courses, with two each from the three departmental areas (U.S., Europe, and Pacific Asia, the Middle East, or Latin America). You also take all requisite professional education courses (including student teaching) and meet other state requirements. Please contact the Education Department for details and a current list of requisite courses.

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Dara Markus ’16

Dara majored in History and Biology and played on the OWU women’s soccer team. After graduating, she earned a master’s degree in nonprofit/public/organizational management at Washington University in St. Louis and was hired as a District Executive with Boy Scouts of America in Columbus, Ohio.


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