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Academy-Award-Chasing Bishop on Snapchat

April 14, 2016 – by Cece Albon ’17

Cece Albon ’17 on OWU, Her Favorite Profs, and Brad Pitt

My name is Cece Albon and I'm a junior here at OWU. I'm a hardworking and passionate Sociology/Anthropology major and Film Studies minor here at OWU.

Cece Albon ’17

I am a member of the Austin Manor Community and a videographer for the Office of University Communications. I really enjoy working as a videographer being able to produce content for the school’s YouTube page and more. My favorite projects have been the City Challenge videos!

My favorite part of OWU is the passion that all the students have for things like political issues and environmental issues that reach beyond their studies and major. I also love the classes and professors here. Every semester you can find 15 classes you want to take, all with amazing faculty.

My favorite professors are John Durst and Mary Howard in the Department of Sociology/Anthropology. They provide knowledge beyond what you read in the textbook through personal stories and experience that makes class that much more exciting!

My favorite place on campus is my home in Austin Manor. The intergenerational community provides a different living experience that goes beyond your normal college dorm room.

In my lifetime, I would really like to win an Academy Award for editing, or at least meet Brad Pitt.

On Snapchat, I hope to share a look into the community of Austin Manor, exciting places to go around Delaware and beyond, and the Fine Arts Department’s most exciting event, iron pour!

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