Make The Connection

September 28, 2017

Ohio Wesleyan senior Andrew ‘Mac’ Willard shares a moment with New York fashion editor, stylist, and creative consultant Caroline Vazzana as part of his OWU Theory-to-Practice Grant-supported summer internship. (Photo courtesy of Mac Willard)

Fashioning His Future

Ohio Wesleyan Student Interns with New York Fashionista

By Cole Hatcher

Name: Andrew “Mac” Willard ’18
Major: Psychology
Minor: Sociology
Hometown: Charlotte, North Carolina 

During the internship, Willard served as Vazzana’s personal photographer, wrote articles, and assisted with social media efforts. (Photo courtesy of Mac Willard)

Experience: Theory-to-Practice Grant, “Digital Fashion: Personal Intern to Caroline Vazzana,” 

During the summer, Willard worked as Vazzana’s personal assistant in New York City. While living in the city, he attended a New York Fashion week show, served as Vazzana’s personal photographer for her social media accounts, and collaborated with other bloggers to create content for companies such as Pandora, women’s clothier Ramy Brook, and eyewear-maker Tura Inc. 

Lessons learned: “The impact that this Theory-to-Practice Grant experience has had on my academic, professional, personal, and intellectual development has resulted in acquiring a keenly informed and critical perspective on the commercial/editorial/blog work world. … 

“I have learned to be honest with a superior about what I desire to learn or gain out of said position. There is no harm in trying to get the most out of my time as an intern and attempting to work with an open route of communication. 

“I [also] learned to listen, watch, and process. Even if I didn’t think I was doing exactly what I wanted to do or learn about, it always proved useful in gaining knowledge about the industry I may want to try to work in. … I embraced trying new things, being more open to discomfort, working even harder, and absorbing as much as possible, all of which benefited me immensely. 

“The biggest part of what I have contributed to Caroline Vazzana and her brand, Making it in Manhattan, is photography. I have photographed Caroline’s outfits, whether it has been posing in front of elaborate, colorful walls, or walking down the street dodging oncoming traffic. I have also written a few articles concerning photography and the perspective I can give as an aspiring artist. I have been tweeting out article content from Making it in Manhattan, as well as pinning articles on the Making it in Manhattan Pinterest. 

“Other duties I fulfilled as an intern for this fashion editor include transcribing interviews conducted with various fashion designers. I also delivered and returned products for Caroline all over the city. These aspects of my summer internship have molded me into a stronger, smarter, and harder-working individual. 

“I can now say that I have had a tough internship, in which I had to find ways to work quickly but efficiently. I have made it out with a fantastic letter of recommendation, dozens of photographs to show from my time with Caroline, and a ticket to a New York Fashion Week show. I could not have had a better summer experience, and I graciously thank Ohio Wesleyan for helping me to achieve that.” 

Why I chose Ohio Wesleyan: “I chose to go to OWU because it is a small, liberal arts school that has dedicated professors.”