Forming FIJI’s Future

Ohio Wesleyan Student Elected to Fraternity’s International Board of Directors

By Cole Hatcher

Jack Foley ’22

Jack Foley’s resume already includes the roles of Economics Management Fellow, Latham Entrepreneurial Scholar, and founder and CEO of Fora Social, LLC.

And now the Ohio Wesleyan University junior is adding one more title to that long list: Undergraduate Archon Councilor for all Phi Gamma Delta (FIJI) fraternity chapters throughout the United States and Canada.

In the elected role, Foley’s job is to “strategically bring the voice of the undergraduate brothers, campuses, and students to the Archonate (Board of Directors),” Foley said. “My mission over my two-year term is to unify our brotherhood and further the goals of the fraternity.”

Foley said the Archonate consists of nine brothers – seven graduates and two undergraduates – elected to run the international fraternity. The board’s work includes creating and implementing strategic plans and opening new chapters as it forms FIJI’s future.

A resident of North Potomac, Maryland, Foley said he is committed to making an impact during his term on the Archonate.

“My goal is to virtually bring chapters together during and post-COVID,” he said. “The intentions are to help undergraduate brothers grow their network of brothers from within their chapter, across the country, and in Canada. My main duty, however, is to be the undergraduate voice in Phi Gamma Delta while we strive for to achieve our Positive Impact 2030 (strategic plan) goals.”

A double-major in Business Administration and Communication, Foley is the first Undergraduate Archon Councilor from Ohio Wesleyan’s Theta Deuteron chapter. Previous OWU archons, he said, have included FIJI brothers Doug Dittrick, Class of 1955, and Jim Link, Class of 1982.

In addition to fulfilling his Archonate duties and completing his OWU classes, Foley also is keeping busy planning the launch of his second business, Fora Social. He has an office within The Delaware Entrepreneurial Center at Ohio Wesleyan University and hopes to launch the business next year.

A social media app, Fora Social is designed to help users share in the profits of selling their data, Foley said.

“It is going GREAT!” he said of the app development. “It is a team of 10, including myself, that is working on it. We are planning a launch here at OWU in the spring 2021 semester.”

Foley credits his involvement with FIJI with helping him to achieve his goals – both personal and professional.

“I can attribute character growth, leadership skills, lifelong friends, and a different world view (to the fraternity),” he said. “Being a part of a values-driven organization allows you to align yourself with the right way to conduct day-to-day behavior.

“Being placed into leadership roles is invaluable,” Foley continued. “Helping the day-to-day operations of a chapter is closely related to those running a company. During my time as a FIJI at OWU, I’ve met individuals that I will forever be close with.

“In addition,” he concluded, “even before my new role as archon, I started getting connected to other undergraduate brothers from across the world, notably becoming great friends with ones in Canada. People I would have never met, viewpoints I would have never experienced, voices I would have never heard if not for Phi Gamma Delta.”

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