Storage areas are not accessible during vacation periods and summer recess, and students may be assessed a fee for emergency access during these times. However, students who are registered for Summer Session will be allowed to store belongings, if storage space is still available.

Students are prohibited from storing any hazardous or dangerous items and will be responsible for any damages resulting from their failure to comply with this prohibition. Flammables, liquids, or items that violate the OWU Code of Student Conduct are strictly prohibited. Student-owned furniture and rugs also may not be stored in University storage areas.

Ohio Wesleyan cannot store items for students who have graduated, withdrawn, been suspended, or otherwise left the University. Property left under these circumstances may be discarded or donated to a charity within 30 days. The University also reserves the right to dispose of any possessions left for more than one year.

Students who wish to store items on campus must purchase boxes and/or storage receipt slips on our Online Purchase Site. The student will need to bring a printed copy of the email purchase receipt to the Public Safety Department in order to receive the boxes and storage receipt slips. Public Safety will provide access to storage areas. No other containers may be used, and boxes may not exceed 50 pounds.

Current fees for storage cover one year from date of purchase and are as follows:

  • $10 for small boxes – 20”x20”x18” ($5 for box only, no storage) SOLD OUT
  • $25 for large boxes – 20”x20”x36” ($8 for box only, no storage)
  • $17 for bicycles and refrigerators *

* Refrigerators must be empty and clean before they are allowed to be stored. Public Safety and Residential Life reserve the right to refuse to allow a student to store a refrigerator until it has been properly cleaned.

If students are able to reuse previously supplied OWU approved boxes, their fees will be reduced by $3 (for small boxes) and $5 (for large boxes). Reused boxes must be in good condition. Payment for reused boxes must be made at the Public Safety office. Prices for previously used boxes are as follows:

  • $7 for small boxes – 20”x20”x18” 
  • $20 for large boxes – 20”x20”x36”

Waiver of Liability

The University is not responsible for the loss of personal property in residential units and campus storage areas, by fire, flood, theft, or other causes.  Additionally, the University cannot cover damage or breakage that results from packing, transporting, or storing items in the storage area or that may result from stacking or shifting boxes in storage.  Each student is responsible for his/her own property. Students are required to complete a release from liability waiver prior to placing items in University storage areas. Students are strongly encouraged to purchase personal property insurance, which is made available through the Residential Life Office web site by a partnering independent insurance carrier (not through the University). 

Fraternity House Storage

Residents of fraternity houses are permitted to store personal items in residence hall storage rooms in accordance with the above stated guidelines. Storage for personal property is not available on site at each fraternity house.

Under the provisions of the Memorandum of Understanding for Fraternity Chapters Assigned to University Residences, the University will provide a secure storage space for property owned by the Chapter – other than common area furnishings that will remain in place. All movable property owned by the Chapter or its national organization must be removed from the House or placed in a designated, University-approved storage area in the House. Should storage space in the House be insufficient for fraternity-owned property, the University will provide temporary portable storage units at its expense to store additional items. 

SLU And Theme House Storage

Residents of Small Living Units and theme houses are permitted to store personal items in residence hall storage rooms in accordance with the above stated guidelines. Storage for personal property is not available on site at each SLU or Theme house.  

Bicycle Storage

Bicycle storage is limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis. All bicycles will be stored in Smith Hall. Students must purchase a OWU Bicycle Storage Receipt from the Public Safety Office during normal business hours. A copy of the Storage Receipt will be affixed to the bike while it is in storage, and a copy will be provided to the purchaser, who must bring the receipt or a photo ID to reclaim the bike. The cost of bicycle storage for a one year time period is $17.00. Bike storage should only be utilized when the bike is intended to be stored for a significant period of time, such as during Fall, Thanksgiving, or Spring breaks or during the winter or summer months between semesters. Students abusing the privilege to store their bike will have their storage capabilities revoked without refund.

Bikes left in storage after their storage expiration date (one-year from date of purchase) will be discarded, donated, or converted to University use.

Other Storage Options

The University has negotiated special OWU student pricing with LRE Properties/Two Sons Inc. as an alternative to University storage. The units are accessible 24 hours a day. The LRE Properties/Two Sons Inc. business office and the storage facility are located on Stratford Road.

LRE Properties/Two Sons Inc. Storage Terms

The discounted rate shown below is contracted for May 1, 2019 through August 31, 2019. Students must prepay rent and sign a move-out notice of August 31, 2019 at the office when obtaining the unit.

Current Discounted Rate

5' x 10'

$200.09 ($175.00 for the unit + $12.00 for the required disc lock + tax)

10' x 10'

$328.49 ($295.00 for the unit + $12.00 for the required disc lock + tax)

Contact Information

LRE Properties/Two Sons Inc.
615 Stratford Rd.
Delaware, Ohio, 43015

Call (740) 363-5572 (ext. 2 for Mini-Storage) for more information.