If you’re already considering Going Greek or just want to check out fraternity and sorority life, you’ll want to attend some recruitment events or interest meetings at OWU. Recruitment occurs throughout the year in a variety of ways, but because our recruitment on campus is deferred (spring semester), first-year students are eligible to join the Greek community only after establishing an OWU GPA.

In the fall, OWU fraternities (6) and sororities (5) host open houses, interest meetings, cookouts, pickup games, or other casual events. Everyone is welcome at these informal events, even if you will not be eligible to join until spring. Students are welcome to check out as many open houses as they want to gain a good sense of each fraternity or sorority in the Panhellenic Conference (NPC) & Interfraternity Council (IFC) community. However, students interested in joining an National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC) organizations are encouraged to research each organization independently and selectively attend interest meetings.

Fraternity Recruitment (Interfraternity Council)

Informal Recruitment

Informal Recruitment occurs in the fall semester where fraternities tend to take advantage of the end of summer/beginning of fall weather and hold events such as going to Top Golf, movie nights, volleyball tournaments, or just having a barbeque at the fraternity house! Whatever the event might be, these social and team-building events give you an opportunity to meet the brothers and learn about each fraternity. 

Formal Recruitment

Formal Recruitment begins within the first few weeks of the spring semester. All first-year students are eligible to rush during the spring semester and potentially receive a bid! Very similar to informal recruitment, fraternities will hold events ranging from Q&A sessions about joining a chapter, Raising Cane's dinners, NFL watch parties, board game nights, and much more! In order to join a fraternity, all potential new members must complete a grade release on Engage and complete Collin's Law training for bystander education and prevention regarding hazing. 

Sorority Recruitment (Panhellenic Conference)

Informal Recruitment

Sororities hold open house events in the fall to welcome potential members and introduce themselves and their activities. Sororities often get very creative with the theme and food for these informal gatherings such as backyard bashes and other events involving food! Sophomores-seniors can receive a bid during the Informal Recruitment period, but first-year students rush in the spring only.

Primary Recruitment

Primary Recruitment begins within the first few weeks of the spring semester. Leading up to recruitment, the Panhellenic Council will hold information sessions and a chance to meet your recruitment counselor known as a "Rho Gamma" which is an upper-class sorority member who has put their greek affiliation aside to assist potential new members. Primary Recruitment kicks into high gear Friday through Sunday of that same week. Potential new members who are looking to join a sorority visit each chapter’s house and get to know the members. Monday night is bid night and if you receive a bid, and choose to accept it, you join a chapter filled with members who will uplift and support you during your time at Ohio Wesleyan and beyond!

National Pan-Hellenic Council

Membership Intake takes place for each organization uniquely throughout the year. Chapters may hold interest meetings, or simply host a table at the Student Involvement Fair or 'table' in the atrium of the Campus Center to meet potential members. In order to connect with a chapter and inquire about membership, students are encouraged to email our staff. 


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