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Course descriptions below include instructors, dates & locations of travel, and estimated student costs. Application links are listed below under each course description.

2019/2020 and 2020/2021 Travel Learning Courses will be rescheduled.  

More information will be coming Fall 2021.

ENG 300.6 / REL 300.6 -- Islam in Britain

Travel Component: England

Student Cost: $2,100

This course will explore the experiences of the nearly three million Muslims who live in contemporary Britain through the lenses of religion and literature. During the semester we will trace a series of issues that are religious, literary, and -- where the two converge -- cultural. We will address some of the salient issues that Muslim Britons navigate, including conflicting ideas of tradition and modernity, negotiating gender roles and norms as promoted by religion and cultural expectations, sexuality, and critiques of Islam from within the community. Students will learn about the role of Muslim writers in Britain’s rich literary tradition as they read about the religious and cultural complexities of belonging to a visible minority, religion, and cultures that have often faced hostility in Britain.

After graduation we will travel to multiple cities in the United Kingdom, including Oxford and London, to experience some of the places and ideas we’ve read about. We will visit a range of mosques in different communities that represent different orientations, and take walking tours of historically Muslim neighborhoods. We will see museum exhibits on Islamic art and history, visit restaurants featuring cuisines from around the Muslim world, and seek out literary readings, theatre, dance, comedy, and other cultural productions.

Capabilities Statement: Students will be expected to walk moderate distances, including during walking tours, through museums, and through airports. Students will be expected to carry their own luggage. Students with disabilities are encouraged to reach out to the trip leaders to see if accommodations can be made.

BOMI 355 – Plant Responses to Global Change

Travel Component: Alaska May
Student Cost: $1,500

Plant Responses to Global Change is an upper-level biology course focused on plant physiological ecology. The course is organized around four major global environmental changes: increases in atmospheric CO2, increases in temperature, increases in nitrogen deposition, and changes in precipitation patterns. We will explore how plants and ecosystems interact with these changes and the implications of these interactions for plant growth and survival, global biogeochemical cycles, and the future of the biosphere. We will also discuss the scientific instruments, experimental designs, field sampling, and statistical/modeling approaches used in physiological ecology studies that have a global change context. The boreal/tundra region of Alaska, which has experienced the most dramatic warming of any location on the globe, will be used as a case study to explore these topics more deeply. We will also consider human influences on boreal/tundra areas and think about how environmental policy, resource extraction, and consumption choices of people influence this environment. The class will travel to Alaska after graduation in May 2020 for 10 to 13 days depending on flight availability. In Alaska, students will explore the natural landscape to review plants and ecosystem characteristics discussed in class, visit research sites, and talk with scientists, national park staff and conservationists working in one of the most beautiful and wild areas of the United States.

Pre-requisites: BIOL 122 or BOMI 233, plus one additional course in the biological sciences, or permission of the instructor.

Capabilities Statement: Travel for this course may involve prolonged strenuous hiking on steep and/or uneven terrain (e.g., moss tussock, wetland, talus field, moraine, glacier ice). Participants should be capable of hiking up to 5 miles in difficult terrain with a 20 lb pack. Hiking boots and a high quality rain jacket are required for the trip.

FREN 351 – Introduction to the Literatures and Cultures of the French-Speaking World

Travel Component: France May/June
Est. Student Cost: $1,900

In this course, we will engage with literature and culture in the broad sense of the terms as we consider various media, including an array of literary genres as well as films, paintings, and music. Our goal is to investigate the history of the concept of francophonie; we will therefore consider France, the French colonial project, and the evolution of the francophone world across various historical and cultural moments from the 19th to the 21st centuries.

Capabilities Statement: This course is designed with both content and skills in mind. It will introduce students to cultural documents that illustrate France’s imperial project, the development of francophonie, and a host of political, cultural, and economic issues associated with postcolonial studies. In addition, through discussion, a midterm exam, oral presentations, and short research / reflection papers, students will develop close reading, critical thinking, research, advanced writing, and public presentation skills

SPAN 226 – Spanish Immersion and Walking the Camino de Santiago

Dr. Eva Paris-Huesca
Travel Component: Spain May
Student Cost: $1,900

Taught by professor Eva Paris-Huesca, students will immerse themselves in Spanish culture by exploring its history, art, culture, language, and gastronomy, as well as completing a portion of the Camino de Santiago (Saint James’ Way). During the walk, students will stop in different locations to carry out academic activities that reflect the traditions of each place. Taught entirely in Spanish, this OWU Travel-Learning Course will help students with their Spanish speaking, reading, and listening skills as well as their cultural awareness. The class will travel to Galicia, Spain, from May 12-31, 2020.

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