Some Important Issues Regarding the Financial Responsibility of Students Enrolled in Travel-Learning Courses
Refund Policy for Travel and Other Related Course Expenses

Ohio Wesleyan's Travel-Learning Courses are generously subsidized by alumni and friends of the University, making these experiences more accessible to our students. Over the years, donations have reduced the direct travel costs to students by about 50%. Most all of the Travel-Learning Course Program's overhead costs are also covered by donations.

Travel-Learning Courses are regular courses with a travel component. Students are billed for the travel. If registration in a Travel-Learning Course results in a course overload for the semester, then the student may also be charged an overload fee.

Students should not enroll in a Travel-Learning Course unless they have budgeted for the additional expenses and discussed these expenses with their financial guarantor(s).

The estimated cost of a Travel-Learning Course will be communicated prior to registration for the semester that the course is offered. The final cost will normally be set during the semester that the course is offered. A permission form must be signed by a student's financial guarantor in order for a student to be enrolled in a Travel-Learning Course.

Out-of-pocket expenses for incidental expenses, optional experiences, personal purchases, travel after or before the program and the like are the responsibility of the student. Out-of- pocket expenses vary a great deal from student to student.

Students are responsible for all expenses related to deviations from the official itinerary. If group tickets are purchased, students will likely not be able to modify their routing. In some cases, if group tickets are purchased and students are able to modify their routing, then there will likely be significant surcharges and limitations. Students who extend their stay after the official itinerary ends are responsible for all additional costs.

For Travel-Learning Courses that travel during the semester, there are no refunds after the add/drop date. For Travel-Learning Courses that travel after the semester, there are no refunds after the ninth week of the semester. Prior to these dates, students will be refunded only recoverable costs.

If a Travel Learning Course is canceled by the University, then students will be refunded the Travel Learning Course charge. The charge refund amount may differ depending on the time of course cancellation.

If there is a valid, unexpected, and documented medical condition or personal situation that prohibits travel, then a student may petition to have charges waived.

Students may purchase their own travel insurance if they wish. OWU's insurance, which is included as part fo the course fee, covers only accidents and sicknesses while students are traveling internationally. It also has a limited benefit for evacuation from other countries for medical, political and natural crises. The term of coverage ends as soon as students return to the USA. Students are expected to have their own regular medical insurance while they are traveling and are expected to have continual coverage after they return.

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