The goal of Theory-to-Practice Grants is to provide significantly meaningful opportunities for students to enhance and extend classroom learning beyond the traditional classroom in transformative situations and experiences.

Successful Projects Are Those That:

  • Provide experienctial learning opportunities connecting theory to practice, either by testing or applying knowledge learned in the classroom to use beyond the campus; and
  • Enable students to transfer, share, and reflect upon ideas and skills across mulitple disciplines

A Theory-To-Practice Grant Application Should:

  • Be clearly written and well organized
  • Provide information describing each applicant's background and preparation for the proposed project
  • Include a reasonable and carefully thought-out itemized budget
  • Contain a well-developed plan to meet clearly expressed objectives and/or outcomes
  • Include a or itinerary
  • Describe how the proposed project will be evaluated after its completion to assess how objectives/outcomes were met
  • Provide a sufficient rationale for any travel

Recipients Will Be Able To:

  1. Understand and articulate objectives/outcomes related to prior or future academic/research/career/creative work;
  2. Plan and participate in out-of-classroom activities that help achieve these stated objectives/outcomes; and
  3. Evaluate the effectiveness of the experience in meeting these objectives/outcomes.

Theory-to-Practice Grant recipients will be invited to present at one of the bi-annual OWU Connection Conferences. This will be an opportunity to share your experiences and what you learned with the OWU community.

Most Theory-to-Practice Grants will create first-hand experiences for students – secondary learning enabled by faculty or staff projects will also be considered.

This grant program is competitive. Submissions are evaluated by a committee of the faculty and staff. The Teaching and Assessment Committee of the Faculty oversees the process.

There will be two rounds of funding for the 2023-2024 academic year, one round each semester.

Special note: Those proposing international projects must carefully review the requirements for travel, please see the IOCP Information and Resources webpage, sections B and G.



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