A Message from the Vice President for Student Engagement and Success

As I write this, I am sitting in my make-shift office at home, trying to adapt to new ways of working brought on by circumstances that have turned our world upside down. Things have begun to settle into a routine again after 3-4 weeks of tumult, the likes of which I could have never imagined in higher education. Within a week, we converted to remote learning, closed residence halls, helped students get home all around the world, and much more. It was heartbreaking for students, faculty, and staff alike to see our time in physical community together this semester be cut short so dramatically and swiftly. I met today by video chat with some graduating seniors who are doing their best to accept the reality that their final semester at OWU will be nothing like what they had envisioned it to be, and are mourning the loss of those final shared experiences that comprise the spring semester for seniors.
But from that discussion today, I was reminded of how much strength and resilience our students possess, and how much love they have for OWU. These students have loved their learning opportunities at OWU, for sure. But what has made OWU such a special place to them are the deep relationships they have made with others here, which have become even more treasured since students were pulled apart from each other so abruptly when the pandemic took hold. I know that our fraternity and sorority chapters are where some of the deepest friendships form on campus, and I can only imagine the sadness that members of our Greek community are experiencing at this time when initiations have been postponed, formals were cancelled, service experiences were ended, and leadership experiences were cut short. But what I also know is that the bonds of brotherhood and sisterhood are strong and will sustain our students through this uncertain time. When they are able to be reunited again in person, these bonds will become even sweeter to them, and I look forward to that day! Meanwhile, it is my hope that we will continue to draw from the values that unite us as a fraternity and sorority community. Courage, integrity, service, scholarship, and goodwill come to mind, and are needed now more than ever.


Dwayne K. Todd
Vice President for Student Engagement and Success
Dean of Students

Greek Task Force's 5 Key Priorities

  1. Develop comprehensive and coordinated marketing and communications plan to promote the benefits of membership, successes of chapters, and FSL activities
  2. Expand programs and training opportunities for FSL leaders and members
  3. Strengthen support structures for the FSL system (advising, facilities, Standards of Excellence, expansion guidelines, risk management guidelines, etc.)
  4. Improve coordination and collaboration between governing groups
  5. Grow membership numbers within the FSL community

Greek Awards

  • Distinguished Achievement Citation
    Sharon Anderholm Wiener '70 Kappa Kappa Gamma
    Daniel DiBiasio '71 Phi Gamma Delta
    Gordon Felt '85 Chi Phi
    John Erdmann (Jeff) '85 Sigma Alpha Epsilon
    Lolly Newman '46 (posthumously) Kappa Alpha Theta
  • Alumni Award
    Margaret McDowell Lloyd '70 Chi Omega
    Hillary Panas Pember '85 Delta Gamma
    Lana Rucks '95 Alpha Kappa Alpha
  • Young Alumni Award
    Kristen R. Hajduk '05 Kappa Kappa Gamma
    J. David Gatz '10 Alpha Sigma Phi
  • David Hamilton Smith Greek Alumni Award

Amy '72 (Kappa Alpha Theta) and George '72 (Delta Tau Delta) McClure
Marilyn Haas '61 (Delta Gamma)


Rae Ann Logan Herman '84
Pi Beta Phi

Rae Ann knew right away she was home with the Pi Beta Phi sisters when going through rush. At the Pi Phi rush parties, she met all types of women and it was the wide variety of women that connected her to the sorority. Without one word to describe the women in general, she enjoyed getting to know the sisters individually. A favorite memory of hers was the Pi Phi beach, where the sisters would laugh and talk. Occasionally, someone would bring a book to study. As long as it wasn’t raining, they were laying out on the Pi Phi beach.
Following her graduation from Ohio Wesleyan in 1984, Rae Ann stayed active and went to a Pi Phi alumna meeting in Oakwood, Ohio. That initial meeting fueled her desire to continue her involvement and soon enough, she was meeting Pi Phis from other universities. When asked if Pi Phis were different from University to University, she responded, “There was a different feel from University to University but the sisterhood connected us. Some of my best friends are Pi Phis from other Universities.”
Sadly, the Pi Phi chapter closed at Ohio Wesleyan in the 1990s but she still remains close to her OWU sisters. There have been mini-reunions at Homecoming & Family Weekend, phone calls, texts and even a large reunion in 2017 where over fifty members from five decades gathered on OWU’s campus.
Rae Ann has found ways to help her sorority after the closing of the OWU chapter. In 1989, they opened a chapter at the University of Dayton and has been the House Corp President with the UD chapter since. Rae Ann encouraged the Greek community to look in their fraternity or sorority magazines for chapters needing help.
To the students of OWU, she gives the advice, “You have to get out of your head there’s one house or one place that you will belong. Be open, be yourself and try not to mold yourself.”
Thank you, Rae Ann! 

Tom Tatham '56
Beta Theta Pi

If an OWU alum mentions the Beta Theta Pi fraternity, the person always connects the Betas with Tom Tatham. You can’t have one without the other.
Tom chose the Beta brotherhood because he wanted to breakaway from his shell. Although he already knew several students that were SAE or FIJIs coming into Ohio Wesleyan, Tom knew his destiny was to be a Beta after visiting the house and meeting some Beta upperclassman at a freshman camp.
He couldn’t choose one favorite memory at the Beta house – there were too many. Tom enjoyed the singing, music, the house mom, the intramural sports and the closeness of brothers with wonderful personalities.
Since early 2000s, there has not been a Beta chapter on OWU’s campus. Tom was actually there when the Betas had to close the house and give the key to the University. The Betas continue to get together - at Homecoming & Family weekends, and the occasional reunion. Newsletters were a big way to stay connected, even as recently as 2016.
For the Betas, staying connected throughout the years has been easy with a Beta brother like Tom.