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November 23, 2016 | By Gopika Nair

Cindy Huynh ’19 worked at the Galileo Innovation Summer Camp in California. After graduation, the Ohio Wesleyan student would like to attend medical school. (Photo courtesy of Cindy Huynh)

Creating Happy Campers

OWU Student's Internship Taps into Science Skills

Name: Cindy Huynh ’19
Major(s): Genetics and Pre-Medicine
Minor(s): Chemistry and Religion
Hometown: West Chester, Ohio
Experience: Galileo Innovation Summer Camp internship aided by the OWU Small Grant Program for Signature Projects.

Over the summer, Huynh worked at the Galileo Innovation Summer Camp in Culver City, California. During her time at camp, Huynh set up the campsite, worked in the office, and assisted instructors in the classroom as a summer intern.

Lessons learned: “When I applied for the position, I was asked to prepare a teaching sample about any topic. The sample, which focused on the biology of senses, allowed campers to taste different types of jelly beans while holding their noses. Since the sense of taste and smell are related, the flavor of jelly bean is altered because they are unable to smell it. The camp director really liked my sample and included it as one of the science activities.

“Although I took biology and chemistry courses at OWU, I was forced to challenge myself throughout my time at camp as I assisted science instructors by explaining basic concepts to children as young as 5 years old in a way that would help them understand those concepts.

“Camp Galileo focused on a different theme each week, which required me to master different science topics in space, national parks, toys, and Olympics-themed weeks.

“I also learned that it is never too early for a young child to explore different science ideas and to be innovative while using those ideas.

“As a result of this experience, I am now considering a minor in science education. This unforgettable experience reinforced my aspirations of becoming a pediatrician and allowed me to do the things I love—work with different sciences and children of all ages.”

Why I chose Ohio Wesleyan: “I chose to attend OWU because I heard about all the amazing experiences and unique opportunities that students at OWU have. I wanted to be inspired by like-minded individuals who also want to achieve great things someday.”

My plans after graduation: “My plans after graduation are to go to medical school and hopefully become a pediatrician.”