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December 2, 2021 | By Sarah Jonassen ’22

Next Genius Scholars

Indian Students Attend Ohio Wesleyan Through International Scholarship Program

Ron Netawat ’25 is one of eight 'Next Genius' scholars on campus. Here, he visits Blue Limestone Park near campus. (Photo courtesy of Ron Netawat)

Among the many accomplished scholars at Ohio Wesleyan University this fall are eight of India’s “Next Geniuses.”

The Bishops all are recipients of Next Genius scholarships. Founded in 2014, the Next Genius Scholarship Program works with more than 1,100 high schools across India enabling the country’s top students to attend college in the United States. Ohio Wesleyan is one of only 20 schools in the nation to be part of the prestigious program.

‘Close-Knit Community’ 

Ron Netawat ’25 of Indore, Madhya Pradesh, is one of Ohio Wesleyan’s current Next Genius scholars. Netawat said his favorite part of the OWU experience is the sense of community and support he feels on campus.

“One of the best things about OWU is the close-knit community it really offers,” he said.

“The most surprising thing I found here is how helpful and kind everyone is towards people (be it a stranger or someone you know).”

Netawat arrived in Delaware this fall and already is a part of multiple student organizations. It is his first time in the United States.

“I am currently involved in two clubs, namely, Horizons International and the Society of Physics Students,” he said. “I recently got elected and am currently serving as the philanthropy chair in Horizons.”

‘Great Help and Guidance’ 

Netawat is studying Astrophysics and Computer Science and plans to put his majors to good use.

“I have structured yet open-to-change plans about my work after graduation,” he said. “I intend to work as a researcher in the field of theoretical astrophysics and the field of artificial intelligence and quantum computing.”

He said Ohio Wesleyan faculty and staff have been instrumental in guiding his plans.

“I have found great help and guidance at the OWU Career Connection about the pathway that I would need to follow in order to achieve these goals,” Netawat said. “Also, the professors of my respective subjects have helped me in understanding and showing the wide array of opportunities that are present or will be established in the future that are related to my fields of passion and interest.”

A Unique Family

If he ever feels homesick, Netawat knows he has a special family of Next Genius scholars on campus.

“Most of us know most of the other people, which makes it easier to help each other in times of need in order to better everyone,” he said. “I have talked to my fellows and my juniors about almost everything I could about OWU and the Next Genius Scholarship Program.”

In addition to Netawat, Ohio Wesleyan’s Next Genius current scholars are Sai Siddharth Suresh Kanan, Digvijay Tekade, Tina Mascarenhas, Hrushay Patel, Tirth Patel, Niladri Deb, and Aadarsha Reddy.

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