Hiring a Coach

If a club is looking to hire a new coach, this does not need to go through a formal Human Resources search process. The club can make job postings (must be reviewed by Assistant Athletic Director), talk to people in the community, etc. The Assistant Athletic Director can help as much as the club wants or needs. When a coach is found, they are to complete new hire paperwork with Human Resources, supply vaccination documentation, and submit to a background check. When these steps are completed, they will sign a semester-long contract with the Assistant Athletic Director to ensure all information is agreed upon. WCSA allows for club coaches to receive a maximum of $2,000 per semester if the budget has been submitted by the deadline and approved. The payment to the coach is made at the end of the semester upon completion of the required expectations.


Coach Expectations

  • The coach is responsible for sending the Assistant Athletic Director the dates and times of practices and games that they attended to ensure that they are meeting their contractual obligations.
  • Positivity: Emphasize sportsmanship, representing OWU well, etc.
  • Organize safe instruction
  • Displaying and encouraging respect: to the game, the opponent, and each other
  • Make it fun
  • Develop leaders
  • Develop versatile players
  • Keep safety the priority
  • Share knowledge of the sport, rules and policies
  • Encourage safety training (CPR and first aid)
  • Help to set up and take down equipment for home games
  • Contact referees and trainers for home games