Still have questions? Check out these Frequently Asked Questions about OWU Esports.


What is Esports?

Competitive, organized gaming. Students compete in national leagues, against other colleges, for scholarships and cash prizes. These competitions are streamed and regularly watched by tens of thousands of students on websites likes Twitch.

Is Esports affiliated with NCAA?

The NCAA does not currently provide esports competitions, however, it will still be a “varsity” team. This means that the team will occasionally travel and scholarships are available.

What is NECC?

TheNational Esports Collegiate Conference (NECC) sponsors regular-season collegiate competitions and championships across a wide variety of titles. The conference aims to serve the gaming community with respect and is proud to be a safe and inclusive environment. They currently have over 100 member schools.

What games do you play at OWU?

Our program at OWU is “driven by student interest." The games we compete in at the varsity level are voted for and supported by students. In 2022-2023, students will compete at the varsity level in League of Legends, Overwatch, Valorant, Smash Brothers Ultimate, and Rocket League.

Are you going to play anything else? You don't play the game I like.

The students will be able to influence which games we compete in at the varsity level here at OWU. If enough students are passionate about a game we are not currently competing in, then we will build a varsity team here to fit their needs.

Will I be able to balance school and esports?

If a student is passionate about playing or competing in video games it is nearly impossible to keep them from doing so. An esports program provides them a regulated structure to pursue their interests and forces them to maintain their GPA. Esports programs also provide an opportunity for students to grow, socialize, compete, and develop a variety of skills that will benefit them throughout their life (communication, empathy, teamwork, leadership, etc.)

Can I play other sports if I join the esports team?

Absolutely. Esports supports students with varied interests and encourages participation in other sports and co-curricular activities at OWU.