It is up to the organization and the advisor to establish involvement expectations. This is mutually decided and determined in the Advisor Agreement. 

Click here to review the full OWU Advisor Handbook. 


An advisor is someone who offers advice, support and perspective to an organization. They serve as a mentor and guide and to use their knowledge and experience to offer help to others. Each organization has its own needs and its own relationship with its advisor. Some advisors play very active roles - attending meetings, working with student officers, and assisting in program planning - while others maintain a more distant relationship to the organization.  Every organization is required to have a currently-employed OWU faculty or staff advisor who plays a vital role in their success and development.


  • Be familiar with general information and policies of the Student Involvement Office, University and Student Handbook to help organization leaders find and learn these policies.
  • Inform students of important dates and upcoming deadlines.
  • Encourage organization members to hold themselves to a professional standard and take responsibility for their actions as individuals and as an organization.
  • Help members learn from unsuccessful initiatives and improve future projects.
  • Help the organization to set realistic goals to continue to grow and develop.
  • Support and provide resources to develop skills related to planning and organization, delegation, decision making, financial management, adaptability, stress management, and initiative.


  • Develop personal relationships with students and connect both in and outside of a classroom setting.
  • Serve as a mentor to help students to learn, grow, and develop as students as well as support as they transition into their professional lives.
  • Be recognized for service to the organization from the student members.
  • Watch a group come together to grow and evolve over time to impact our campus and community.
  • An opportunity to connect, share experiences, and build community with an organization with similar interests.


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