This semester-long study program is recommended for students interested in medical systems, the status of women, economic development and social policy. The Ohio Wesleyan University in Tanzania program is affiliated with the University of Dar Es Salaam. All courses are taught in English (except Swahili).

Each Student Will Take Five Courses:

  1. East Africa Culture (BWS 300.3): Students will examine various East African settings by reading both primary and interpretive texts and visit major historical, cultural and environmental sites. Topics covered would include: migrant labor, class and ethnic structures, human rights and political struggles in relation to externally imposed economic programs.
  2. African Medical Systems (BWS 300.5): Students will explore the African concept of health and illness, the social context of illness, construction and deconstruction of illness, role of networks in health care utilization, access to healthcare, cost control and role of non-governmental organizations in the delivery of healthcare services.
  3. Women, Development and the Environment (BWS 300.4): This course is designed to explore gender relations in Africa with a special reference to East African women. Topics covered will include: historical role of women in independent Africa, their role in the formal and informal sectors, population control politics and family planning and recent economic reforms on the welfare of mothers and children.
  4. Internship in Tanzania (BWS 400.2): Students will be linked with a professional social services or research institution, depending on the interest of students. These organizations would include: Tanzanian Family Planning Association, Women Legal Aid Society, Blue Cross of Tanzania, Family Health International, Association of Tanzanian Women Doctors, among many others.
  5. Introductory and Intermediate Swahili (SL 110, 111, 225): This course will help students develop competency in basic and intermediate Swahili.

Note: Participants will be enrolled as students of Ohio Wesleyan University and pay fees to the University. The fees will cover all travels, meals, accommodation and air ticket from Ohio to Tanzania.

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