Immerse yourself in a new culture for a full semester. Learn and work in the New York arts scene. Live in the political reality of Washington, D.C. Connect with business enterprises in Philadelphia. Conduct social research in Tanzania. Or learn in one of Spain's historic universities.

The Ultimate Connection

These experiences could change your life. Imagine yourself working in the U.S. Capitol. Or taking classes at one of the oldest universities in Europe. Or interning with a dance company in New York City. Or doing a major research project while going to school in Tanzania – and presenting your findings at a national conference.

In these semester-long programs, you will be immersed in a new culture. You will be challenged with important work you may never have imagined yourself doing. You will grow and will likely learn as much about yourself as you do about the academic material you’ll cover. Students from many different majors enrich their OWU experience with these and other semester-long programs.

International and Off-Campus Programs Office

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OWU Connection Contact

Darrell Albon
Administrative Director of the OWU Connections Program

Sandie Maynard
Administrative Assistant to the OWU Connections Program