The following is a list of the Theory-to-Practice Grants awarded in the 2016-2017 academic year.

Exploring the Prevalence and Perceptions of Dementia in a Rural Community in Tanzania
Submitted by student Amanda Barry with part-time associate professor of black world studies, Ali Skandor. They will conduct research over two weeks in early January. Learn more.

Island Queerness: A Study on the Experiences of Taiwanese Queer People
Submitted by students Ryan Bishop and Spencer Zhang. They will travel to Taiwan for two weeks in May.

Australia’s Adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) – Advantages and Drawbacks Over the Years
Submitted by assistant professor of accounting, Justin Breidenbach with students Erin Cannon and Caitlin Maggio. They will travel to Australia for 10 days in May.

Energiewende – Germany’s Energy Transition and What We Can Learn from It
Submitted by student Billy George. George will travel to Germany for one week in March.

A Look Into the Effects of Substance Abuse During Prenatal and Neonatal Development
Submitted by students Cindy Huynh and Mollie Marshall. They will spend more than two months in New Zealand from late May to early August.

Writing New Worlds: Exploring Agriculture, Ecology, and History in Western Guatemala
Submitted by students Dalia Lorenzo and Evelynn Wyatt. They will conduct their research over two weeks in early January.

Documenting Human Rights through International Solidarity
Submitted by student Matthew Mehaffy. He will travel to Portugal for nine days in March.

Chinese Assimilation in the United States
Submitted by students Marlene Polio, Grace Mitchener, and Bree Riggle of Hilliard. They will conduct research in San Francisco and Los Angeles for nine days in March.

Intersectionalities of the Refugee Crisis in France
Submitted by students Maria Salazar Rodriguez, Michael Mora-Brenes, Harang Jung, and Cemaliye Semmedi. They will travel to France for nearly three weeks in December and January. Learn more.

Leatherback Conservation in Costa Rica with the Earthwatch Institute
Submitted by student Ryan Bishop. Bishop will travel to Costa Rica to study turtles for a week in November.

Conversing with Racial, Cultural, and Language Barriers Present: Guayaquil, Ecuador
Submitted by student Courtney Clark. Starting in mid-June, Clark will spend four weeks in Guayaquil, Ecuador.

Effects of Tourism and Global Warming on Icelandic Natural Landscape
Submitted by students Madeleine Coalmer and Haley Talbot-Wendlandt. They will conduct their research for two weeks in early June.

Who are Museums For?
Submitted by student Anna Davies, associate professor of English, Nancy Comorau, and director of the Richard M. Ross Art Museum, Erin Fletcher. They will travel to Finland for five days in July.

Following the San Patricios to the West of Ireland
Submitted by student Chloe Dyer and associate professor of English, Nancy Comorau. They will travel to Ireland for three days in mid-September.

Microbiota on Birds Captured in Costa Rica
Submitted by student Kyle Davis. Davis will conduct research in Costa Rica for three months during the summer.

From Early Museum to Contemporary Biennial
Submitted by students Thalia Sallas-Brookwell and Caroline Shaffer, with director of the Ross Art Museum, Erin Fletcher. They will travel to Italy, with other students, for a week in late May.

The Atlantis Project
Submitted by student Cara Harris. Harris will travel to Uruguay for a month starting in mid-May.

Growing, Going, and Staying Local: an Exploration of Economic and Cultural Importance of French Local Market
Submitted by students Chloe Holmes and Meg Teitelman. They will conduct research in France for two weeks in late-May.

The Juneau Icefield Research Program
Submitted by student Matthew Burke and associate professor of mathematics and computer science, Craig Jackson. They will conduct research in Alaska for two months during the summer.

OWU Theatre & Dance Students at the Stratford (Ontario) Shakespeare Festival
Submitted by professor of theatre and dance, Edward Kahn. He will take 17 students to Ontario in fall 2018.

Micro-finance in Costa Rica: A Ticket Out of Poverty
Submitted by student Joshua Martineau. Martineau will travel to Costa Rica for the month of June.

Comparative Research of Various Roots of Agrarian Struggle: Mexico/Columbia
Submitted by student Matthew Mehaffy. Mehaffy will present research in the Dominican Republic for a week in early May.

Marketing in the Big Apple
Submitted by student Allisa Schuller. Schuller will travel to New York City to complete a seven-week internship at Goodman Media International Inc. starting in May.

Conservation Efforts with Wildlife Friends Foundation in Thailand
Submitted by student Elizabeth Sommerdorf. Sommerdorf will volunteer in Thailand for two months starting in June.

Digital Fashion: Personal Intern to Caroline Vazzana, Global Glam Magazine
Submitted by student Andrew Willard. Willard will travel to New York City for more than two months starting in May.



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