Courses offered for Fall Semester 2017

*GEOG 347 -- Environmental Alteration.  Traveling to Costa Rica over Winter Break.  Dr. Nathan Amador Rowley. 

Global environmental change is among the most important of issues in the next century and a core component of Geography 347: Environmental Alteration. The primary objective of Environmental Alteration is to explore the relationship between the human and environmental systems – at local to global scales. In this travel-learning course, we will learn how to collect environmental data in Delaware, Ohio (Fall 2015) and coastal Costa Rica (January 2016) and understand how it relates to regional and global climate and environmental change. We will be collaborating with an OWU alumna, Amy Work (OWU, 2004) and her community geography organization, Geoporter, in Bahia Ballena-Uvita. This group works with local citizens in a developing ecotourism region. Expected types of data that will be collected and analyzed include: weather station, drone aerial imagery, ecological assessment of soil moisture & temperature, stream flow and water quality, and will participate in whale monitoring. During the trip, we will visit: Arenal National Park, Marino Ballena National Park, Bahia Ballena-Uvita (small coastal town). This will include some activities, such as eco-surfing, and visiting whale conservation, and mangrove conservation sites.

Capabilities Statement: This travel course will include several days of hiking in warm, humid conditions, sometimes on steep terrain. It will also include climbing in and out of boats and there may be potential for swimming. There may be some moderate-to-long bus rides on unpaved roads, so beware of any car-sickness issues. We will be collecting in-situ data, so be prepared to walk in streams, or areas of mud or dirt. As we will be moving through several locations, you must be able to transport your own luggage. 

Pre-Requisites: There are no pre-requisites for this course.

Courses offered for Spring Semester 2018

*ASTR 110 --  The Sky and the Solar System.  Traveling to England and Germany in May.  Dr. Robert Harmon.

*BOMI 355 -- Plant Responses to Global Change.  Traveling to Alaska in May.  Dr. Laurie Anderson.

*ENG 336 -- Shakespeare and the Sites of Performance.  Traveling to England in May.  Dr. Zack Long.

*MATH 200.2 -- Mathematical Models of Climate.  Traveling to Alaska in May.  Dr. Craig Jackson.

*MUS 300.6 -- Music on the Mississippi:  Exploring River Road Folk Music Traditions.  Traveling to Louisiana in March.  Dr. Nancy Gamso. 

*ZOOL 300.10 -- Biology of East Africa.  Traveling to Tanzania in May.  Dr. John Gatz.