For the last 175 years, Ohio Wesleyan University has stood as a bastion of the liberal arts.  Through those years OWU’s light many have seen the necessity of student government on campus.  The appearance of student government has changed over the years, yet students continually remain to be the main focus.  Since 1973, the Wesleyan Council on Student Affairs has sought to safeguard the interests of students on campus.  Each day members of WCSA commit themselves to bettering the campus community.  This commitment includes communicating student needs to the university administration, adoption of projects to better the student experience, and wise appropriation of your student involvement fee.

The last term of WCSA vowed to better student government inclusion and outreach. To this end the 2016 Senate amended the WCSA Constitution, allowing for eight Student Inclusion Advocacy Representatives.  Elected as a voice for underrepresented students, my cabinet and I are excited to work with the Student Inclusion Advocacy Committee, furthering the goals of both groups.

Today the WCSA continues their overarching goal; helping defend and promote the student body’s interests.  The university administration has also elucidated that they too are seeking improvement towards the lives of the students.  As President I am very excited for this semester ahead, and look forward to working with this talented group of students serving on WCSA!

Your President,

Christopher Traill Dobeck