Ohio Wesleyan is an institution in which students serve as its greatest asset. Since 1842, this institution has operated on the most liberal principles, and these principles have allowed for an invigorated and stimulating student body to exist. 

Our administration seeks to be more transparent with the student body. We want the student body to know that they are not alone. We aim to “represent, advocate for, and emphasize the genuine concerns” and wants of students. As President, I believe that the only way for WCSA to best serve your interests is by being transparent and accessible to those who have elected us.

The goal of our administration is to express the concerns of students, and improve the accessibility of resources for those who are underrepresented and underprivileged. One of our goals is to recreate an emergency grant that will serve as a resource for low-income students if an unanticipated financially impactful event were to occur that would inhibit a student’s ability to stay at Ohio Wesleyan. Our Student Life committee is working on establishing a more frequent program that will provide students with trips to Kroger and Walmart so that they can buy their basic necessities, and provide more charging stations around campus.  

We also plan to engage more with housing communities on campus, and receive updates from SLUs, themed houses, Greek life organizations, and Res-Life staff. Year after year the senate’s desire to help the campus grows, and the senate is working on a variety of different projects and pieces of legislation.  

I am committed to ensuring that WCSA continues to echo your genuine concerns and pursue projects that will enhance student experiences, as well as improve the quality of resources for students on campus. In order to do so, we must communicate and be receptive to your feedback. Please feel free to email us with any concerns or questions to us at wcsaexec@owu.edu.

Ohio Wesleyan is a college that changes lives because of its emphasis on student experiences, and its family-like environment. I view the student body of Ohio Wesleyan as part of my family, and I am honored to be able to serve my kin. As president, I am excited for what will be accomplished this term and I look forward to working with this talented group of students serving on WCSA.

Your President,

Austin L. Moore