Welcome to the WCSA Election page! Here you will find out more information about the different offices/positions within WCSA, how to run for office, and the election process. People elected to hold a WCSA position in the upcoming election will serve in that role during the 2024/2025 Academic Year. (Aug. - May). More information on the positions can be found at the bottom of this page, as well as on each position's intent-to-run form found below.

Candidates Running for Elected Positions

Click Here to view profiles of all candidates running for office.

  • President / Vice-President
    The student body will vote for both the President and Vice-President on the same "ticket".
    - Gabby Gonzalez-Duarte /  Raazia Aamir: Click to View Campaign Video
    - Giorgi Bediashvili / Brady West: Click to View Campaign Video
    - Perry Jackson / Will Telesz: Click to View Campaign Video
  • Chief Administrative Officer (Secretary)
    - Natalie Baker
  • Comptroller (Treasurer)
    - Aiden Veerjee
  • Senators
    - Kaylen Brandt
    - Lilyonna Wazny
    - Doyi Kim
    - Joaquim Bila
    - Ally Gerty
    - Malaika Sheri
    - Lauren Dorsel
    - Temitope Ajayi
    - Tyler Tang
    - Christian Begg
    - Fatmata Daramy
    - Max Fossaceca
    - Saharla Loyan
    - Diana Huaracha-Arellanos
    - Jenna Ashbrook

Important Dates:

Monday, April 8: Meet the Candidate videos will be made available to the student body to review online. 

Friday, April 12: Student Body WCSA General Election Day (8:00am - 9:00pm). Election results will be available that evening.

To cast your vote on WCSA Election Day, Friday, April 12, 2024:

  1. Point a web browser to: https://my.owu.edu
  2. Log in using your OWU email account username & password
  3. Search and click on the "Online Voting" link
  4. Follow the instructions on the web page

Scroll to the bottom of the page for more information on each of the WCSA positions that will be elected by the OWU student body in the upcoming election.

WCSA Positions

WCSA Advisor/Election Commissions Chair:

Brad Pulcini; Dean of Student Services