Myself along with Vice President Matute are deeply honored to have been elected to the posts of President and Vice President of the Student Body this past fall.  We are committed to delivering on the Platform we ran on and to delivering Your College Your Way. 

For the last 175 years, Ohio Wesleyan University has stood as a bastion of the liberal arts.  And throughout that time Ohio Wesleyan has seen fit to keep students involved in the governance of the University.  Since 1973, the Wesleyan Council on Student Affairs has sought to safeguard the interests of students on campus as the instrument for students to participate in the governance of the University.  To that end we aim to be effective allocators of resources, specifically your student activity fee dollars.  We hope to build on the successes achieved by our predecessors like President Moore and President Dobeck.  Specifically we aim to try to make OWU more affordable.  We aim to support student life on campus to promote student engagement.  We aim to make WCSA more transparent and accessible so that students can hold us accountable.  To that end we look forward to serving the student body and representing, advocating, and emphasizing the genuine concerns and wants of the students.  

Your President,

Greg Margevicius