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How It Works

Ohio Wesleyan University's paratransit service offers curb-to-curb transportation for eligible riders, both on- and off-campus.

All riders must be registered prior to requesting service by submitting the Paratransit Request Form (link coming soon) to the Accessibility Services Office.

The accessibility vehicle can accommodate two wheelchair users and up to four ambulatory riders at a time.

Trip Priorities

  1. Any requested service going to or from academic classes have first priority.
  2. Scheduled rides have priority over call-in, short-notice rides.
  3. Rides on-campus have priority over rides off-campus.

Hours of Operation

The service primarily will be operated Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. The university will strive to have trained drivers on hand 24/7; however, longer delays acquiring rides are likely during off-hours because of limited staffing resources.

Off-Campus Rides

Riders may request off-campus rides related to student involvement activities and shopping. Ohio Wesleyan's paratransit service may routinely travel as far south as the Delaware Community Plaza, which features a Walmart, and as far east as Meijer, located on Route 36. Further distances will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis to ensure service remains available for other riders.

Delaware County Transit

In addition to Ohio Wesleyan's paratransit service, the Delaware County Transit system also offers door-to-door paratransit services. Visit Delaware County's Mobility Management website for more information. The Delaware City Flex program has a greater range of travel than Ohio Wesleyan and can be a valuable resource for paratransit riders seeking assistance.

Department Contact Info


Department Of Public Safety
Welch Hall 133
Ohio Wesleyan University
Delaware, OH 43015
P 740-368-2222
F 740-368-3985

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