Why zone parking?

The zone system, developed with student input, allows us to spread out the demand for parking across all available lots and spaces to accommodate the full campus community.

Will zone parking cost more?

No. For the 2023-2024 academic year, there are no changes in the cost of parking permits.

How will zone parking impact my parking experience?

  • For upper-class students, we predict you’ll have an easier time finding convenient parking near where you live. Parking spaces are a finite resource, and we can’t guarantee the lot you prefer will always have open spaces, but you should find closer lots with more available spaces than you experienced previously.
  • For first-year students, your zone spaces won’t be right beside your residences, but our first-year parking lots are within a five- to 10-minute walk of your housing. The zone system enables OWU to accommodate first-year students bringing vehicles to campus and to park them in off-street, university lots.
  • For residential students, you’ll be permitted to park only within your designated zone during peak hours, from 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday-Friday. Please note: You’ll be unable to drive back and forth to classes during these hours. Similarly, commuter students will be permitted to park only in the designated commuter lot (at Selby Stadium) during peak hours.

Why are the residential zones split between north and south?

We crunched the numbers and found that splitting the residential lots into two zones distributes demand more evenly. The change should make it easier for you to find parking in closer lots.

Why doesn’t my residential permit allow me to park in commuter lots?

Ohio Wesleyan has enough parking for everyone, but not enough for students with residential permits to use academic-side and commuter parking during peak hours Monday-Friday. During off-peak hours, including weekends, residential students will be able to park in commuter and other academic-side spaces.

How do I get my zone parking permit?

We’ll continue to use the sticker system, but the designs will look different from previous years and require placement on the lower left of your driver-side rear window. Watch your email for an invitation to purchase your new parking permit.

Will free parking permits still be available?

Yes. Free permits will remain available on a financial-needs basis, but they’ll no longer be a separate category of permits. If you’re approved for a free permit, you’ll get the same zoned permit as everyone else in the building where you live. The process for how to apply for a free permit will be sent out over the summer.

How will enforcement work with zone parking?

  • Between our new zone system and improved signage, we think it will be easier for everyone to follow the parking rules and avoid citations, fines, and other consequences of violating the parking rules.
  • As always, we’ll start fall semester with a short window of time where warnings are issued before transitioning to citations. As in previous years, there will be no warnings if you park in accessibility (handicap) spaces, fire lanes, restricted spaces, or made-up spaces (such as parking on the grass). Read more about our parking violations and appeals.

Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to find your zone and enjoy your time at Ohio Wesleyan!

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Parking Questoins?

Learn more at owu.edu/parking or email us at psafety@owu.edu.