Ignoring these rules or deliberately violating them can earn you a ticket, vehicle immobilization, vehicle removal (towing), or even get your parking permit revoked.  So please read on and be familiar with OWU’s parking rules.

  • Parking is enforced 24/7. That means even on the weekends, you must abide by parking rules.
  • Display your parking permit at all times when parking at OWU.
    • Remove any old parking permit stickers from your vehicle. Leaving old stickers up increases the chance we don't see your current valid permit and you may get a ticket issued in error.
    • Apply the sticker to the inside of the lower left corner of your rear windhshield (as looking at the window from behind).
    • State issued accessibility/handicap permits - dispay as instructed by the issuing state.
  • Park only in zones your permit is designated for and observe off-peak parking limitations.
  • Only use an accessibility space if the state issued you a placard or license plate.
    • Accessibility placards issued to a third party (such as a family member) and used fraudulently may be reported to the State of Ohio and/or include additional City of Delaware fines on top of Ohio Wesleyan fines.
    • Abusing accessibility spaces may result in an immediate revocation of parking privileges for the remainder of the current academic year. 
  • If you switch vehicles at any time during the academic year, please contact the Public Safety Department to update your permit registration. Non-registered vehicles displaying a permit are still subject to ticketing.
  • Students may not use employee permits issued to parents who also work at Ohio Wesleyan.
    • Students of OWU employees are eligible for a free student permit.
    • Contact psafety@owu.edu to request assistance.
  • Do not transfer or share your parking permit.
  • Do not park in fire lanes (usually noted by a painted red curb and/or signage).
  • Do not leave your vehicle unattended in an active loading/unloading zone. (If you’re not in or standing next to your vehicle with your keys, it’s unattended.)
    • Turning on the four-way hazard lights and leaving a vehicle still results in a citation.
    • Use available parking spaces nearby, even if you're just running inside for a quick errand.
    • While at your vehicle, you may use an active loading/unloading zone for up to 15 minutes.
  • Do not park in marked reserved spaces.
  • Do not make your own parking space.
    • Examples include, but are not limited to, parking in the grass, parking on paved surfaces where there aren't parking lines, parking outside the end of a row of spaces, parking in drive lanes, etc.
  • Do not block accessibility parking spaces, entrances, or ramps.
  • Do not park on city streets in a way that blocks the driveways of local residents. 
  • Ohio Wesleyan does not enact or enforce city parking rules. You are responsible for understanding and abiding Delaware City's rules when using city parking lots or on-street parking. We are unable to appeal a city ticket on your behalf.

Visit the Parking Violations page to read more.

Department Contact Info


Department Of Public Safety
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Ohio Wesleyan University
Delaware, OH 43015
P 740-368-2222
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E psafety@owu.edu

Parking Questoins?

Learn more at owu.edu/parking or email us at psafety@owu.edu.