Safety Tips

Ohio Wesleyan is not responsible for any theft or loss associated with parking or operating a vehicle on campus. Most lots have lights and are patrolled by the Department of Public Safety.  We do not actively patrol city-owned streets or property.

We recommend the following advice to minimize the chance your vehicle could be the target of a criminal:

  • Secure your vehicle.
  • Use an anti-theft steering wheel lock if your vehicle make/model is prone to theft.
  • Do not leave valuables in your vehicle.
  • Do not leave keys in or hidden in your vehicle.
  • Do not leave loose change or money visible in your vehicle.
  • Register your vehicle with the Department of Public Safety (get a permit).
  • Avoid walking alone late at night; use the Safe Ride program or call the Department of Public Safety for an escort if you don’t have a friend to walk with (740) 368-2222.

Catalytic Converter Thefts

Catalytic converter thefts are a problem across the United States. A thief can remove a catalytic converter in only a few minutes, in broad daylight with people around, with just a few small cordless tools.

What follows are a few facts about catalytic converter thefts and a few anti-theft practices to help protect your vehicle:

  • Vehicles with high ground clearance, such as pickup trucks and SUVs, are most susceptible.
  • Vehicles with a missing catalytic converter will sound loud and "roar" during operation.
  • The check engine light may come on and you may smell exhaust fumes.
  • If your vehicle has an anti-theft feature, ensure it is set to sound if your car experiences vibration or impact. Make sure you've registered your car with Public Safety so we can call you to deactivate the alarm.
  • Consider having a mechanic etch your vehicle's Vin number into the converter. This makes it hard to resell and may deter a would-be thief.

Department Contact Info


Department Of Public Safety
Welch Hall 133
Ohio Wesleyan University
Delaware, OH 43015
P 740-368-2222
F 740-368-3985

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