Any student receiving a citation for an alleged parking violation(s) may appeal the citation through the Student Conduct System. All appeal requests must be submitted within seven (7) days of the date of the citation.

Request a Parking Appeal

All parking appeal requests are reviewed and decided by a panel consisting of a member of the Public Safety staff and student representatives. A letter regarding the outcome of this review is then sent to the student’s email address. All decisions made by this panel are final.

There are three possible outcomes from an appeal.

  1. The violation is removed from your record and all fines are cleared.
  2. The fine is cleared (you don’t pay), but the violation still occurred and remains on your record. The violation counts against your total count of tickets received.
    • Your total ticket count affects when your vehicle becomes eligible to be immobilized, towed, and/or your parking permit rescinded.
    • This usually happens when you’re in the wrong, but maybe you had extenuating circumstances or don’t have a history of violating parking policies.
  3. The appeal is denied. The citation and violation remain in effect and must be paid.

If your vehicle was immobilized, pay your vehicle immobilization/boot removal fee within 72 hours, regardless of whether you are appealing the violation. If the appeal is successful, you will be reimbursed the full amount of any fees or fines paid.

Failure to pay the vehicle immobilization/boot removal fee may result in your vehicle being removed from campus at your expense.

Parking Appeal Denied?

Any student whose parking appeals are denied has 20 business days to pay the fine. Fines can be paid online, or by cash or check in the Accounting Office, Room 018 of University Hall. Any fine not paid by the deadline is posted to the student’s account without additional notice.

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