Parking tickets and immobilizations (boots) are meant to discourage unwanted parking behaviors. The Department of Public Safety does not receive any direct proceeds from ticket revenue nor do we have quotas on how many tickets to issue. We'd be happy to write zero tickets a year! You don't like being ticketed, and we don't like adding stress to your life.

However, vehicles in violation of OWU parking regulations will be ticketed. Vehicles illegally parked in accessibility spaces, no parking zones, fire lanes, reserved employee spaces, interfering with university business, or otherwise obstructing traffic may be immobilized or towed without warning.


  • Any vehicle receiving more than four tickets in an academic year may be ticketed and immobilized on all subsequent violations.
  • Reckless and unsafe behaviors, including moving violations, may result in the immediate termination of all parking privileges.
  • Vehicles not displaying a valid permit are subject to immobilization.
  • Vehicles that cannot be immobilized for any reason, including tire size, are subject to immediate towing.
  • Vehicles may be booted for up to 72 hours, during which time the locking mechanism may be removed by paying a $75 fine. If a vehicle is immobilized for any reason and extenuating circumstances result in deferring the $75 boot fee at the time of removal, an additional $20 administrative fee will be assessed as a result of the deferment. The total cost of removal of the boot with deferred payment is $95.
  • After 72 hours, we may choose to continue using the immobilization boot, or the vehicle may be towed at the owner’s expense, and any ticket or boot fees will be added to the overall cost of recovering the vehicle.
  • After a vehicle has been booted three times, the student may lose all on-campus parking privileges, and the student’s vehicle may be towed from any campus property.

If you get a parking ticket, but your vehicle was not immobilized, pay tickets online here.

If your vehicle was immobilized, pay the ticket and then the boot removal fee. The fee may be paid online here or at the Public Safety Department located in Welch Hall. Cash (exact change only) or check accepted. Credit cards are accepted during normal business hours only. If paid online, a copy of the email receipt must be provided before the immobilization device is removed.

Boot fees cannot be transferred to a student account. Unpaid fines will be transferred to the student’s account with a $5 posting fee per citation. Once an unpaid fine is transferred, you may no longer use the above online payment resources and must pay through the Accounting Office in University Hall, Room 018.

Important Notes

  • Improperly removing a boot may damage a vehicle as well as the boot and may result in criminal and OWU conduct charges. Vehicle boots are to be removed only by Public Safety Department personnel.
  • Do not attempt to move your vehicle while an immobilization device is in place. It likely will damage your vehicle.
  • Students are subject to being sent to Student Conduct Office for failure to register and display a parking permit. You are, in essence, stealing parking service on campus.
  • Students may be referred to Student Conduct for problematic behavior(s) and/or excessive parking violations.
  • Unpaid tickets/fines may result in referral to Student Conduct and a suspension or permanent loss of parking privileges.
  • Students may contact the Student Conduct Office at 740-368-3175 or visit the Public Safety Department to discuss the appeals process for any tickets issued by Public Safety officers.

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