Fraternity and sorority life at Ohio Wesleyan began in 1853, when Beta Theta Pi founded a chapter. Over the last 166 years, the Greek community has continued to grow, and we have  compiled a rich and storied history. Currently, Ohio Wesleyan University (OWU) supports five national fraternities with more than 200 active members.

Fraternity life offers young men opportunities to grow and succeed in ways that no other student organization can. Being part of a brotherhood challenges you to excel academically while providing you a built-in support system. Being a part of a fraternity encourages you to develop the social and networking skills that facilitate securing leadership positions here and in the world beyond college. Community service and philanthropic events allow you and your brothers to become active, contributing members of the local community and, eventually, society. While we pride ourselves on our Greek-related accomplishments, we recognize that there is more to your time here than just fraternity life. Many of us get involved in “outside” activities such as the arts, varsity athletics, mission trips, or political activities.

At OWU, the fraternity community recruits new members year round. However, incoming freshmen and transfer students must complete one full semester, and establish an Ohio Wesleyan GPA before they are permitted to join a fraternity. Each fraternity has a minimum GPA requirement in order to receive a bid for membership. We encourage you to focus on academics your first semester.

The decision to join a fraternity is a lifelong commitment. If you think you might be interested in Greek life, make the effort to visit every fraternity at OWU. Assess what each can offer you, as well as what you will learn from the fraternity and sorority community as a whole. We welcome your curiosity and are ready to answer your questions.

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