Environmental Science Minor

REQUIREMENTS: Two core requirements: BOMI 233 and ENVS 110; Two natural science / quantitative units: BIOL 122 (+lab), GEOL 110, CHEM 110 (+lab) or CHEM 230, and MATH 105 or MATH 230 or MATH 200.3 or PSYC 210; Two natural science / physical geography units: BOMI 252 (+lab), BOMI 255 (+lab), BOMI 337 (+lab), BOMI 344 (+lab), BOMI 355 (+lab), CHEM 260 (+lab), CHEM 261 (+lab), CHEM 270 (+lab), GEOG 353, GEOG 369, GEOG 375, GEOL 270, GEOL 275, GEOL 280, GEOL 285, GEOL 320 (+lab), MATH 200.2, MATH 280, ZOOL 311 (+lab), ZOOL 313 (+lab), ZOOL 341 (+lab), ZOOL 345 (+lab), ZOOL 347 (+lab), ZOOL 349 (+lab), and ZOOL 353.
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Environmental Studies Minor

REQUIREMENTS: Five key environmental courses: BIOL 122, BOMI 233, GEOG 347, and (GEOG 360, or ECON 366, or PG 280).
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Food Studies Mentored Minor

REQUIREMENTS: Identify an OWU faculty member associated with the Food Studies minor to serve as their mentor; create a proposal, in collaboration with their mentor, to the food studies faculty contacts, outlining courses and projects that fit with their specific interests in food; and complete 5.5 units of coursework.
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REQUIREMENTS: GEOG 110, GEOG 111, GEOG 112, three additional geography courses.
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Mapping & Geographic Information Systems

REQUIREMENTS: GEOG 222, GEOG 353, GEOG 355, three additional geography courses. Independent studies or direct readings focused on application areas in your major are strongly recommended. Cartography and GIS are increasingly important for data analysis and problem solving in many fields, including the natural sciences, economics and business, sociology and anthropology, and public administration.

Department Contact Info


Schimmel/Conrades Science Center 202
Ohio Wesleyan University
Delaware, OH 43015

Department Contacts

Interim Chair: Nathan Rowley
Associate Professor of Environment & Sustainability
Schimmel/Conrades Science Center 202
740-368-3619 | nrowley@owu.edu

Academic Assistant: Joshua Seiders
Schimmel/Conrades Science Center 201
740-368-3907 | jjseiders@owu.edu