Molly Berrey ’21

Film Studies and Creative Writing double major

What Was Your Motivation to Join the Film Studies Program?

I really loved the first film class I took in freshman year and had just begun to watch film analysis videos on YouTube. I found that the elements of storytelling in film are similar to the elements of storytelling in books, and so I was very interested in this new medium with more tools to tell compelling stories.

What Unique Viewpoints Has Your Film Studies Major Given You?

I definitely think my film major has exposed me to more cultures and ideas from outside the U.S. I think the most notable has been from foreign films. One of the most drastic differences in films from outside the U.S., is that they don’t always end in a happy ending, and deviate from the common blockbuster.

What Opportunities or Experiences Have You Gained By Participating In OWU’s Film Studies Program?

I really value my time in making films, as opposed to viewing them. I think the work that goes into thinking out and then executing a vision is hard work. I especially like how films are really big group projects, and everyone has new ideas to bring to the table, even if scheduling through schoolwork and COVID-19 is hard sometimes.

Tell Us About One Project You Feel Very Proud Of

I think my favorite project to date is my sophomore Documentary, “I Am A Banana”. Because this was formed around my identity, and my own experiences as an Asian American, I really feel like this is a topic that is relevant to today’s America.

Are There Any Standout Classes You Have Taken in the Program?

I think the best classes are the simple ones. The Intro to Film was great because it gave an overview of the history of film, but also explored multiple aspects of film in contemporary movies.

What Do You Find Most Compelling About Being a Film Studies Student?

I definitely encourage all students to examine film with the same intensity that they analyze books or scientific studies.

Do You Have Any Advice to Students Considering a Major/Minor in Film Studies?

You don’t need to buy every instructional book for every class. The first book that explains all the different shots, angles, lighting, and whatnot should be enough for all your film classes. Or ask the library/ your professor for their old books. Certain techniques for documentary or more out-there forms of filmmaking will become apparent to you in those classes and should be taught by a prof. Books about analyzing film are also moot, as the best way to learn how to do that is through practice and reading film reviews/analyses. Storytelling in film is comparable to storytelling in other mediums, so a book specifically about that is not going to be any more useful than others. Watch YouTube essays on this, because they incorporate the visual aspects of film with their instructions.

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