Ohio Wesleyan University welcomes the outreach from NPHC organizations. Our Fraternity & Sorority community is familiar with Alumni/Graduate Chapters, City-Wide Chapters and chapters specifically chartered on our campus. If your organization is interested in being a part of the OWU Fraternity & Sorority community a formal OWU NPHC Chartering Application will include the following;

Contact Information:

  • State Leadership (name, phone number, email, role in the organization, role outside of the organization [professional title as applicable])
  • Chapter Advisor (name, phone number, email, role in organization, role outside of the organization [professional title as applicable])


  • Chapter’s Constitution & Bylaws
  • Campus Advisor Agreement Form
  • List of the National organization’s initiatives and programs
  • National organization’s policy/stance on hazing
    • Initiatives in place to prevent and respond to hazing incidents
  • List of proposed activities and/or events for the semester (and/or year if known)
  • National organization’s GPA requirements for membership
  • # of Alumni in the state, # of Alumni in a 50 mile radius (no names or contact information needed)
  • List of any OWU students who have expressed interest

Membership Requirements:

  • Alumni/Graduate Chapter or City-Wide Charter:
    • 3 OWU members at a minimum
    • 5 or more additional members from other campuses or communities as applicable
  • OWU Campus Charter:
    • 10 members (or more if the national organization requires more)

*Membership contingent on review of OWU GPA - students must have obtained a minimum 2.50 Ohio Wesleyan University cumulative GPA to be permitted to participate in recruitment/Intake activities


  • State Contact and local Chapter Advisor must meet with OWU Fraternity & Sorority Life professional staff member to review campus culture, processes & procedures (in person or via video chat)


All materials are due prior to the start of the academic term for which the organization wishes to be known on campus (August 15th for fall term, and January 1st for spring term).

Upon submission, these materials will be reviewed by the Fraternity & Sorority Life Office, and a recommendation to charter will be made to the Vice President of Student Engagement and Success. A final decision on the charter status will be issued via a signed letter by the Vice President of Student Engagement and Success.


*Policy subject to change.

Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life


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Delaware, Ohio 43015
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