OWU Chapter Website: 

National/International Website:  https://www.deltagamma.org/

Nickname: DG

Chapter: Alpha Rho Chapter

Founded: December of 1873 at Lewis School for Girls in Oxford, Mississippi

Founded at OWU: May 1924

Colors: Bronze, Pink, and Blue

Flower: Cream-colored Rose

Symbol: Anchor

Mascot: Hannah Doll

Magazine: Anchora  

Philanthropy: Service for Sight  

Main Philanthropy Event: Anchor Splash

Open Motto: “Do Good”

Famous Alums: Jill Arrington, Sabrina Bryan, Patricia Heaton, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Joan Lunden

Mission Statement (National Office): To advance the values of Delta Gamma Fraternity by providing professional expertise, purpose-driven support, and passionate commitment to members, friends and colleagues in the interest of “Doing Good.”

Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life


Hamilton Williams Campus Center #143
Student Involvement Office
P 740-368-3170
E fsl@owu.edu

Social Media

Instagram @owugreeklife