OWU Letterhead Microsoft Word template (DOTX)

  • Note: This letterhead template is for electronic use only by OWU staff & faculty. If you wish to order printed letterhead, please contact Purchasing at x3360.
  • Note that there is also a Google Docs version of this available. To use it in Google Drive, click the New button and create a new Google Docs document, being sure to choose the “From a template” option. In the “Ohio Wesleyan University” template gallery that comes up, you will see a template named “OWU Letterhead”. Click it to create a new document based on that template, matching the specs below:

Usage Notes

  • Font
    • Use Garamond if Caecilia is not an option.
    • The preferred font size is 11 point.
  • Spacing/alignment
    • Body text should be flush left, ragged right (not justified).
    • Use “block style” paragraphs without indenting the first line.
    • Use one line space
    • Double space (or two hard returns) between paragraphs.
    • One space between sentence ending and new sentence beginning.
  • Margins
    • Top: 1.75 inches
    • Bottom: 1.25 inch
    • Left: 1.75 inch
    • Right: 1 inch
  • Paper
    • For materials going to external audiences, please use official stationery, which can be ordered through Purchasing (x3360).

Guidelines for Customizing Official OWU Letterhead

  1. This template is designed for the stacked Ohio Wesleyan Logo only; it should not be swapped out with any other logo. If you desire to use a different logo, complete a project request form and University Communications will work with you on a custom letterhead design. 
  2. The Program/Department/Office name can be added (as text) to the right of the logo, centered vertically so as to align with "Wesleyan" in the stacked logo.
    • Please use black or “OWU Red” text.
    • Use a Sans Serif font (preferably something “condensed”), so that the text is as close as possible to the text used in the footer.

Contact Info


Office of University Communications
Panhellenic House (4 Williams Dr.)
Delaware, OH 43015
P 740-368-3335
F 740-368-3332