Edgar Hall

Edgar Hall was renovated in 2001. It houses the Fine Arts Department office, the Werner Student Art Gallery, the Art History program, and slide library as well as the two dimensional media studios, faculty offices, and studios.

Haycock Hall

Haycock Hall was renovated in 2000. It houses the three-dimensional media studios and faculty offices and studios.

Jannuzi Painting Studio

The 3,500-square-foot Jannuzi Painting Studio includes 24 easels and appropriate storage, there is room to spread out and create ambitious large-format work. Intermediate and advanced painting students have semiprivate areas in which to work. There are a variety of color-corrected overhead lighting systems as well as north-facing overhead skylights.

Meek Graphics Studio

This studio, named for Nancy LaPorte Meek '59, is used for two-dimensional design and graphic design. It is set up with 20 work tables and provides a heavily utilized space for our foundation students.

2D Design & Art Education Studio

The 2D design and art education studio has work areas for 18 students. There is ample horizontal storage for student work in progress and walls that support larger work and the ability to hang work for critique.

Sculpture Studio

The sculpture studio includes an indoor foundry for bronze and an exterior courtyard for iron casting. Iron Pours occur every semester. There are specialized areas for wax and plaster work and a full complement of air and electric power for non-power hand tools for fabrication and finishing work, plasma cutting, tig welding, arc welding, gas brazing and blacksmithing. This well designed space allows students to take on very ambitious projects.

Ceramics Facilities

The ceramics facilities include a large central classroom, clay mixing room, glazing room, glaze chemistry room and storage room, a damp room and two indoor kiln rooms. These kiln rooms house a small Bailey gas fired reduction kiln, and three electric kilns. Outside, we have a large gas reduction car kiln, a wood kiln, a soda kiln, and a raku kiln.


Jewelry/Metals is a fully equipped facility for hand fabrication and mechanical processes involving jewelry making, hydraulic die forming, lost-wax casting, rubber mold making, stone setting, patination coloring of refractory metals, Japanese and Korean surface treatments, and laminations as well as a complete enameling facility. The studio area includes a classroom separate fabrication, casting shop.

Wood Sculpture Studio

Wood sculpture is set up for complex hand-working and fabrication on three massive work tables. Also in the facility are various heavy pieces of Delta and Rockwell equipment: a 24-inch thickness planer, a table saw, radial arm saws, a large band saw, scroll saw, plywood panel saw, 6-inch jointer, and a drill press.

Photography Facilities

The photography facilities include a light studio, a lecture classroom, a beginning-level gang darkroom that houses 11 enlarger stations, three advanced-level semiprivate darkrooms, one large format/non silver darkroom, several development and film loading rooms, and a print mounting and matting room. All of the darkrooms are equipped with Hiretech custom gel coat sinks and case work and the latest Saunders enlargers.

Printmaking Facilities

Printmaking is set up to support work in relief, intaglio, lithography, silkscreen, and monoprinting. Facilities include working and printing studios, darkroom, lithography processing room, grounds room, etching room, screen washout room, stone graining area, and aquatic room. There are two Takach lithography presses, two Takach etching presses, and an older Sturges press used for relief printmaking.

Hafner Digital Studios

Named for Will Hafner '99, this facility is made up of three rooms: a large digital imaging studio, a smaller digital work studio, and a support room. Computer imaging, graphic design, and digital photography are taught here. The studios have Apple computers and Wacom tablets. For input, students can use scanners, digital cameras, and camcorders. Output devices include large-format Epson ink jet printers and laser printers.

Slide Library

The slide library houses the department's slide and image libraries. Currently estimated at more than 150,000 images, the slide library supports all areas of visual studies in the department.

Werner Student Art Gallery

The Werner Student Art Gallery, operated independently by the Student Art Guild, is the showcase for student exhibitions throughout the year.

Richard M. Ross Art Museum

Known affectionately as "The Ross," the museum’s first obligation is to mount exhibitions that relate to and enhance the curriculum of the fine arts department. Even so, at any given time during each school year, the museum’s programming endeavors to relate to and enrich the course offerings in one or more of the other academic departments.

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