Wilson Prize

Robert Wilson taught mathematics and computer science at Ohio Wesleyan from 1958 until 1974. He was an influential member of the faculty during his time at OWU and served briefly as acting dean of the college. Within the department, he was the leader in revising the mathematics curriculum into the general form that we know it now and was also the main creator of the computer science major. After he retired, his former students along with friends and family established an endowed fund to award the Wilson Prize each year to honor the graduating senior in mathematics and/or in computer science for most outstanding performance. The prize was first awarded in 1987.

Wilson Prize Winners

Year Winner(s) Year Winner(s)
1991 Mark Burge and Eddy Wong 2007 Thao Nguyen and Brian Siller
1992 Eknath Belbase 2008 Christopher Earl
1993 Shiram Krishnamurthi 2009 Danielle Kapolka
1994 Joni Baker 2010 Laura Pickens and Anthony Wong
1995 Rajesh Raman 2011 Alex Howe
1998 Darryl Adams 2012 Hao Do and Zeal Jagannatha
1999 Nosherwan Minwalla 2013 Ian Skoch
2000 Niranjan Nagarajan 2014 Cameron Burger and Benjamin Letson
2001 Ran Wei 2015 Robert Elder and Arjun Kumar
2002 Radu Murgescu 2016 Khanh Le and Daniel Thornton
2003 Xiaoyi Dong 2017 Anna Eames
2004 Rahul Prasad 2018 Isaac Kochman and Lan Truong Ngoc Nguyen
2005 Saif Mehkari 2019 Eugene Kramskoi
2006 Stefan Natu and Thanh Nguyen 2020 Luke Walsh

Staley Prize

David Staley taught mathematics at Ohio Wesleyan from 1961 until 1994. He played a significant role both in the department and in the university and taught a very wide range of courses in mathematics, statistics, and computer science. He was very active in advising students and oversaw the certification program for high school mathematics teaching. When he retired, former students, friends, and family established an endowed fund to award the Staley Prize each year for most outstanding performance by a junior in mathematics and/or computer science. The prize was first awarded in 1996.

Staley Prize Winners

Year Winner(s) Year Winner(s)
2001 Radu Murgescu 2011 Hao Do and Zeal Jagannatha
2002 Xiaoyi Dong 2012 Coung Nguyen
2003 Rahul Prasad 2013 Rowland Brown, Benjamin Letson, and Mark Rubeo
2004 Saif Mehkari and Thanh Nguyen 2014 Christina Hill and Arjun Kumar
2005 Stefan Natu 2015 Nam Tram Hoang and Khanh Le
2006 Thao Nguyen and Slesh Shrestha 2016 Anna Eames
2007 Christopher Earl 2017 Abigail W. Connell, Isaac Kochman, and Ian Nguyen
2008 Danielle Kapolka 2018 Eugene Kramskoi and  Lizheyin Wu
2009 David Khoo and Anthony Wong 2019 Jinwoo Jun and Anton Kramskoi
2010 Alex Howe 2020 My Ta and Madeline Henson

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