The Agitated Gaze

An Approach to Chus Gutiérrez’s Cinema

March 1-19, 2021

Thanks to the alliance started with the Department of World Languages & Cultures ​​at Ohio Wesleyan University, Mujeres de Cine is introduced to the American university environment with an activity focused on the filmography of the Spanish director Chus Gutiérrez.

Under the title The Agitated Gaze: An Approach to Chus Gutiérrez’s Cinema, a streaming activity will be developed that will feature the viewing of five representative titles by the director and a master class by Chus Gutiérrez for OWU students. This collaborative event aims at establishing an intergenerational dialogue between young American students and consecrated directors of our cinematography and offer the students of the Ohio Wesleyan University the possibility of talking with a renowned Spanish filmmaker, approaching her filmography through her voice and her work.

  • Note: All films have English subtitles and will be available from March 1 to 19.

Mujeres de Cine At University is possible thanks to the support of the Ministry of Culture and Sports

Films in the Series

“Joint on the Roof” (1984)

Gutiérrez’s first-ever short film tells the story of a group of people eagerly awaiting the arrival of a drug dealer and his product.

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“Merry Go Round” (1986)

A man lives his last moments of life in a motel room next to a mysterious woman and surrounded by the police.

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“Return to Hansala” (2008)

Gutiérrez tells the story of those who have survived when crossing the strait from Morocco to Spain and those who have died in the attempt.

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“Sacromonte, The Wise of the Tribe” (2014)

Historically, Sacromonte, a neighborhood of Granada, has been the cradle of Flamenco and an international reference of cultural tourism. Gutiérrez explores how and why that’s changing.

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“Role & Role” (2020)

How do the media, advertising industry, and fiction build female role models, and how do those models impact the way society thinks as well as how both women and men make decisions about their lives and careers?

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Program Director

Eva Paris-Huesca
Associate Professor of Spanish and Director of Film Studies Program
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