Background on Corinne Lyman and the Lyman Lecture Series

Corinne Lyman was a faculty member in the Politics and Government Department at Ohio Wesleyan University from 1968 to 1999. Here she taught International Relations and Organization, and Comparative Government. In 1978 Corinne won the Sherwood Dodge Shankland teaching award.

From the early seventies until the present she participated off campus in at least fifteen seminars or Conferences on International Relations by presenting papers or lectures. She is a member of six professional organizations and has traveled widely in Europe, the Mediterranean, the Middle East, and the Far East.

Dr. Lyman has published at least fifteen book reviews, and has presented papers, or served as panelist, or lectured or served as chairperson on a like number of other occasions.

As a faculty member she served on a least 20 committees, boards, or councils, including Faculty Personnel and Academic Policy, on each of which she served twice. A special task was encouragement and management of a program for faculty scholarships for Black students.

Upon the initiative of Dean Janet Ragatz and with the cooperation of her colleague in Economics, Dr. Norman Gharrity, she was instrumental in establishing the International Studies Program at Ohio Wesleyan University in 1979. She remained the Chair of the International Studies Program Committee for the succeeding twenty years, until her retirement in 1999, at which time she was the recipient of the Daniel E. "Andy" Anderson Campus and Community Conscience Award.

The inaugural lecture was held April 8, 2004 as Dr. Stephen Walt of Harvard University spoke on "The Global Response to American Primacy."

Past Speakers

The Rise of China and the New Balance of Power in East Asia
Robert S. Ross, October 26, 2017

The New Financial Nationalism in Europe
Juliet Johnson, October 24, 2016

How a Minority Won a Majority - The Irish Marriage Referendum
Tiernan Brady, February 2016

Maxwell's Demon and the Golden Apple: Global Discord in the New Millenium

Randall Schweller, October 2014

Fault Lines of Faith: Reporting from New Burma and Beyond
Kira Kay, October 2013

Shaping Foreign Policy in Times of Crisis
Michael P. Sharf, October 2012

The Dignity Revolutions of 2011: Implications for US Africa Policies
Karin D. Ryan, October 2011

Economic Crisis in Europe: How Corruption Led to the Rise, and Fall, of Ireland
Elaine Byrne, March 2011

America's Relative Decline and Its Consequences
Robert A. Pape, September 2009

An International Organization for Democracies
James D. Fearon, April 2009

The Future of Islamist Militancy: A Theoretical and Historical Footnote
Fawaz Gerges, April 2008

China in World Politics
Charles Lipson, March 2007

Sovereignty and the UFO
Alexander Wendt, March 2006

China Reassures Asia: Rising Power and U.S. Foreign Policy
David C. Kang, April 2005

Global Response to American Primacy
Stephen Walt, Inaugural Lecture, April 2004