My daughter attended ECC for two years. She is my third child. Collectively, my children have experienced 7 school environments and a total of 57 teachers thus far. I have a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education and a master’s degree in gifted and creative studies. I have homeschooled. I am a reading tutor. I am the mother of two dyslexic children and one precocious reader. All of this to say, I know of what I speak. I can say without hesitation that ECC provided the best educational environment that any of my children have experienced.

The child-centered, open-ended learning environment meets the academic and social needs of every child. The environment fosters curiosity and creativity. Problem solving is actively taught. My daughter’s love of writing was noticed and encouraged within weeks. She received one on one support daily. Her skill and passion flourished. I feel certain that the environment would have suited my sons equally well. She was well prepared for kindergarten socially, emotionally, and academically.

My daughter’s teachers at ECC remain her favorites and mine. They both exceeded my highest expectations. How do I put them into words? My daughter had a difficult time adjusting to glasses when she was four. Mrs. Hall picked up on this and came to school wearing her glasses in a tender show of support. She read books about the topic to the class. Mrs. Hall’s sensitivity turned my daughter’s embarrassment to pride in one afternoon. I witnessed this type of wisdom and insight time and again. I was impressed with all of the teachers I met over that two-year period. They are loving, engaging, and well versed in the latest educational research.

I have a picture of my daughter skipping to the front door filled with joy and anticipation. That image sums up our experience perfectly. I marvel that such a tiny brick building can hold so much.

– Shannon Rossi

Having had three children attend the preschool program at ECC, I have seen the amazing ways the teachers are able to use an emergent curriculum to attend and adapt to the individual needs of my children. From there I have been able to watch my children move on from ECC and begin elementary school. That process has further validated the strong foundation they gained during their years attending ECC. My children were taught to be active participants in their learning, to ask questions and become problem solvers, to feel confident in their individual style of learning, and to enjoy the entire process. These are skills that will last them a lifetime. The manner in which teaching and learning exist here at ECC will prove to be eternally valuable to all children blessed to walk these halls!

– Kelly Milliken (Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education K-6, with a specialization in Early Childhood Education, Reading Specialization K-12, Master’s Degree in Education, 1st Grade Teacher, Tutor Grades K-6)

The decision to send both of our girls to the ECC was an easy one. We both had worked at the center in college in two separate student assistantships. We both love the Reggio Emilia style to learning. The exploratory play is so critical for proper brain development. I could go on about all the benefits and the brain research...I know we started our girls off in the right path to life starting at ECC.

Marcy Terry (3rd grade teacher for Delaware City Schools) and P.J. Terry (Kindergarten teacher for Delaware City Schools)

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