In the interdisciplinary Ancient, Medieval, and Renaissance Studies Program, you may select courses from English, Fine Arts, History, Classics, Comparative Literature, Music, Philosophy, Religion, and World Languages & Cultures. Most OWU students choose to combine this major with another in English or History.

About the Majors

Together with your adviser, you select one of the program's three tracks (Ancient, Medieval, or Renaissance) and choose three foundation courses, six core courses, and two electives from history, literature, languages, religion, art, or philosophy. You complete an interdisciplinary capstone project during your senior year.

All three AMRS majors permit great flexibility, and you may tailor the program to your specific interests. You might choose to focus on a specific period in history, or explore themes across time periods, such as the concept of the holy man, the status of single women, the development of ideas on slavery, or the architectural debt of the Renaissance to Etruscan and Roman art.

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Graduate Outcomes

Capri Pappas '20

Capri was accepted into the University of York's master's program in medieval studies. She received OWU's Baran Fellowship and Dwight Robinson Prize to help fund her first year of graduate school.

Baran Fellowship


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Ohio Wesleyan University
Delaware, OH 43015

Program Contact

Director: Patricia DeMarco
Professor of English

Academic Assistant: Beth Fedoush