Geographers, using methods such as mapping and Geographic Information Systems, study natural and human patterns as they vary over geographic space as well as the interaction between humans and their natural environments.

About the Major

The Geography Major emphasizes four themes that together provide a means of understanding the complex relationships between human activities and the earth’s natural environment. As a Geography major at Ohio Wesleyan you will learn about the spatial and temporal patterns of earth’s physical environments, human impacts on the physical environment, the organization and development of cultural regions, landscapes, and urban areas on the surface of the earth, and cartography, remote sensing and Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

The major provides a broad base for graduate study in Geography and many other natural and social sciences. Students are prepared for careers in urban and regional planning, environmental and resource management, Geographic Information Systems, and areas of business that deal with location (logistics).



Graduate Outcomes

William Ruzek '10

William is Operations Manager at Mergui Archipelago Biodiversity Research in Myanmar, where he manages and schedules eco-volunteers and eco-tourist and maps the ocean floor and costal reefs using sonar devices.


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