Fall 2017



In August, Professor Shari Stone-Mediatore was invited to a fundraiser in Chicago to display a project she has initiated to help resist stigmatization against people in prison.





Spring 2017




Professor Shari Stone-Mediatore presented an invited guest lecture at Stony Brook University. 




In July, Dr. John Stone-Mediatore presented a paper on fascism in postmodernist literature at the New Directions in the Humanities Conference at Imperial College, London, UK.


Spring 2016


Our 2016 Phi Sigma Tau (philosophy honorary) new inductees! Left to right: Daniel Sweet, Mark Mandych, Joseph Kirincic, Luke Plazek and Raina Graham.



Dr. Roberto Cintli Rodriguez, Mexican-American Studies professor at the University of New Mexico and award-winning journalist, specializing in coverage of police violence against people of color, will be visiting the Social & Political Philosophy class.



Professor Shari Stone-Mediatore will be participating in a book panel on, Sovereign Masculinity: Gender Lessons from the War on Terror, at the annual meeting of the American Philosophical Association in Washington, DC.

Fall 2015

Professor Erin Flynn presented his paper, “Strategic Fouls and an Exculpatory Conflict of Duties,” at the annual meeting of the International Association for the Philosophy of Sport in Cardiff, Wales.

Spring 2015

In April, senior-seminar participants Miles Pecken and Luke Peters presented their research papers, “What Makes a True Proposition True?” (Pecken) and “The Irrelevance of Free Will and Moral Responsibility” (Peters).

Students in Ethics class met with guest speaker, Susan Schnall, Coordinator of the Vietnam Veterans Agent Orange Relief and Responsibility Campaign and a recipient of an Ohio Wesleyan Honorary Degree. (Photo taken by Calvin Conklin)



Professor Shari Stone-Mediatore published her article, “Attending to Others: Simone Weil and Epistemic Pluralism” in Philosophical Topics (vol 41, issue 2).

Lecturer John Stone-Mediatore presented his paper, "Mr. Bates Goes to Baghdad: Don DeLillo, Schizophrenia, and the Media,” at the New Directions in Humanities Conference in Vancouver, Canada.

Spring 2014

In February, Professor Shari Stone-Mediatore presented a keynote lecture at the University of California, Berkeley, Arcus Foundation Inaugural Lecture on Diversity.



(From top) Students Anna Jones, Megan Pinto, and Matt Mehaffy participating in a mural-painting project in Chiapas, Mexico during the spring 2014 “Modernity & Colonialism” Travel-Learning Course.

During spring break, Professor Shari Stone-Mediatore’s “Modernity & Colonialism” class traveled to Chiapas, Mexico, where they lived in a Zapatista community, learned about indigenous philosophies, and participated in a mural-painting project with internationally known muralist/community-activist, Gustavo Gutierrez.

In March, Azalia Hernandez, of the Fray Bartolome de las Casas Human Rights Center in Chiapas, Mexico visited a philosophy class to discuss her first-hand experience with human-rights struggles of indigenous Mexicans. The Philosophy Department together with Women’s & Gender Studies Program also organized a campus lecture by Ms. Hernandez. View the flier for this event.

In April, Professor Erin Flynn represented philosophy in the Honors Board Raft Debate. 

Watch Andrew Paik's promo video for the event.


In April, Hank Owings was awarded the Andy Anderson Philosophy Research Award and Ariel Hirsh was awarded the Lloyd Easton Award for Excellence in Philosophy.

In April, Ariel Hirsh, Hank Owings, Cody Pearce, Rowland Brown, and Luke Schwan were inducted into the Phi Sigma Tau Philosophy Honor Society.

In April, Philosophy Department Senior Presentations featured “Arendt on a Typical Failure to Think: Could Evil Truly be Banal?” by Ariel Hirsh; “Toward a Socially Constructed Ethic,” by Hank Owings; “Plato and Aristotle on My Little Pony,” by Artemis Mittman; and "Putnam and Brains in Vats,” by Cody Pearce.

Fall 2013

In September, Professor Erin Flynn presented his paper: “On the Skill Thesis” at the International Philosophy of Sport annual conference in Fullerton, CA.

In October, Professor Shari Stone-Mediatore presented her paper, “Attending to Others: Simone Weil and Epistemic Pluralism” at the Feminist Ethics and Social Theory conference in Tempe, Arizona.

In November, internationally known human-rights activist and Executive Director of Harvard
University’s Kennedy Center for Human Rights
Policy, Dr. Charlie Clements, visited two philosophy classes to speak about his human-rights work in El Salvador, which is the subject of the award-winning documentary, Witness to War. The Philosophy Department also organized a campus lecture by Dr. Clements. View the flier for this event.