Every four years, Ohio Wesleyan University hosts a two-day Mock Presidential Nominating Convention, a campus tradition dating back to 1884.

The OWU event, held regularly since 1920, occurs every four years in conjunction with the national presidential election. It gives students hands-on experience in holding platform hearings, drafting and debating a party platform, and nominating and electing candidates to run for the offices of president and vice president. OWU's Mock Convention always focuses on the party not currently in office, so February's event will simulate a Democratic Party nominating convention.

The event helps educate participants about the fundamentals of one of the most intriguing U.S. political events, the presidential nominating convention. The Mock Convention also informs participants about the candidates and key issues in the upcoming election.

The Mock Convention brings together participants from both the University and Delaware community. It is designed as an educational tool, as well as a social event, for people with various party affiliations to interact and discuss a wide-range of policy issues. Previous political knowledge is not necessary to participate.

To ensure there is lively debate and competition among a number of candidates, Ohio Wesleyan's Mock Convention traditionally represents the party currently not in control of the White House.

In 1984, Mock Convention delegates chose Geraldine Ferraro as the Vice Presidential Candidate months before Walter Mondale actually selected her as his running mate. Each and every convention is increasingly interesting and exciting, and this year is looking to be another great event.

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