Psychology Alumni Talk About Their Jobs

Alumni share thoughts on how their psychology educations and liberal arts experiences at Ohio Wesleyan prepared them for jobs and life. This 2015 video shows that majoring in psychology can lead to gratifying work in diverse fields.



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Throughout the department’s long history, it has produced a large number of alumni who have risen to prominent positions in their chosen fields. Below is a partial list of these alumni and the positions that they currently hold.

Eve Adams, Ph.D. (Class of 1983)
Associate Professor of Counseling and Educational Psychology
New Mexico State University

Nida Alavi, M.Ed. (Class of 2005)
Volunteer Leader of Pakistan's Design for Change program

Audrey Bahrick, Ph.D. (Class of 1980)
Staff psychologist & practicum coordinator
University of Iowa

Shirley Bodi, M.D. (Class of 1987)
Family practice physician
Toledo, Ohio

Denise Sabo Brenner (Class of 2000)
Director of Operations and Member Services
Ohio Psychological Association

Tamara Daily, Ph.D. (Class of 1988)
Professor of Psychology
Mount Union College

Diane Gatton Daum, Ph.D. (Class of 1988)
Financial Strategy Consultant
Wells Fargo

Ann P. Daunic, Ph.D. (Class of 1967)
Director of Prevention Research
University of Florida

John Dunlosky, Ph.D. (Class of 1988)
Professor and Director of Experimental Training
Kent State University

Laura Williams Eckhardt, Ph.D. (Class of 1993)
Clinical psychologist
Bryan, Ohio

Courtney Fry, Ph.D. (Class of 2000)
CEO, Camillus Trial Consulting
Columbus, Ohio

Heather Fry, Ph.D. (Class of 1999)
Psychologist & consultant

Lindsey Godwin, Ph.D. (Class of 2000)
Assistant Professor of Management
Morehead (Kentucky) State University

Michael Hudy, Ph.D. (Class of 1992)
Co-founder, Shaker Consulting Co.

Robert Kail, Ph.D. (Class of 1971)
Professor of Psychology
Purdue University
Editor of Psychological Science

Michael King, Ph.D. MHSc (Class of 1991)
Director - Clinical and Exploratory Pharmacolgoy

Ruth Hipple Maki, Ph.D. (Class of 1969)
Professor of Psychology
Texas Tech University
APA and APS Fellow

Gerald Marx, M. D. (Class of 1972)
Senior Associate in pediatric cardiology
Boston’s Children’s Hospital

Kara Orvis, Ph.D. (Class of 1997)
Aptima Inc. Team Lead for Leadership and Team Training

Elizabeth Phelps, Ph.D. (Class of 1984)
Professor of Psychology
New York University
Editor of Emotion

Dr. James Saunders, Ph.D. (Class of 1963)
Emeritus Professor of Otorhinolaryngology: Head and Neck Surgery
University of Pennsylvania

Nancy Reynolds Schneider, Ph.D. (Class of 1964)
Professor of Pathology
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

Melanie R. Schockett, Ph.D. (Class of 1974)
Licensed Psychologist
Scottsdale Psychological Associates

Krishna Tateneni, Ph.D. (Class of 1992)
Tateneni Consulting, LL, Chicago, IL

Nicole S. Wagner, Ph. D. (Class of 1990)
Staff psychologist
Chagrin Counseling Associates

Cara Wellman, Ph.D. (Class of 1987)
Professor in the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences
Indiana University

John S. Wiebe, Ph.D. (Class of 1993)
Associate Professor of Psychology
University of Texas El Paso