Student Board

The Student Board is a group of students elected by the psychology majors and minors to represent their interests. Elections occur every spring, with the winners typically being announced at the spring picnic. The student board is the primary liaison between the students and the faculty. Their tasks include: the annual evaluation of department faculty members, establishing tutoring sessions for upper-level psychology classes, overseeing student/faculty lunches, and planning departmental recreational activities such as the fall and spring picnics.

Opportunities for Advanced Students

Opportunities for advanced students to engage in individual projects in the psychology department come in three flavors: individual research projects, directed readings and apprenticeships.

Individual Research Projects (Psychology 410, Psychology 490)

These research projects designed by students in collaboration with a member of the faculty who has expertise in an appropriate area They can last one or two semesters and involve planning and proposing the research project, collecting and analyzing data, and writing up and presenting the findings. The Psychology Department faculty members have compiled the following descriptions of possible research topics and subject areas that they would be willing to supervise for PSYC 410 - Advanced Research Methods. If you are planning to enroll in 410, please consult with the appropriate instructor as soon as possible. A partial list of student projects that have been conducted follows each faculty member’s research descriptions.

Directed Readings (Psychology 491)

There are times when students have interests in areas that aren’t served by any of the department’s courses. In this case, those students can create, in collaboration with a faculty member, a directed reading course in which the student creates a reading list and meet with the faculty member to discuss the readings. This course typically culminates with a paper that summarizes the student’s readings and draws conclusions about the state of the field that was investigated.

Apprenticeships (Psychology 495)

For students who wish to get real-world experience in jobs in the local community, we offer a large number of apprenticeship opportunities. In these courses, students spend between 120 and 150 hours per semester working in a job relevant to their interests in psychology. Students are evaluated based on their feedback from supervisors, their journal entries they write about their experiences and their final report of their experiences.

Recent Internship Placements

  • Delaware Speech and Hearing Center
  • Woodward Elementary School
  • Smith Elementary School
  • OWU Academic Skills Center
  • Nationwide Children’s Hospital
  • Conger Elementary School
  • Delaware City Schools – Occupational Therapy
  • Job and Family Services
  • HelpLine, Inc.
  • Ohio Association of County Behavioral Health Authorities
  • Maryhaven Delaware
  • Delaware General Health District

Department Events

Throughout the academic year, the Psychology Department hosts events of both academic and social natures. Below is a list of some of these events that have become annual traditions in the department.

Psi Chi Induction and Banquet

The Psi Chi Induction is an opportunity for the department to celebrate both its top students and its graduating seniors. Held near the end of the spring semester, this dinner event includes the induction of new Psi Chi members, the presentation of department’s awards and an opportunity for faculty, students and their parents to interact. It is a wonderful celebration of the department’s past, present and future.

Department Picnics

In the fall the department throws its annual picnic. Typically held just outside the department on the patio outside of Phillips Hall, it is an informal time for students and faculty to mingle together, eat good food and celebrate the beginning of the semester. 

Advanced Research Methods Presentations

Each semester, several of our more advanced students complete advanced research methods projects. These one or two semester long research projects culminate in a fifteen minute conference-style presentation. All of our current students are encouraged to attend theses presentations to show support for their fellow students, and to learn about some of the exciting work that is going on in the OWU psychology department.

Department Open House

These open houses, held once in the fall and once again in the spring, are a great way opportunity for students to meet with professors from our department in an informal setting. The one-on-one interaction allows students to find out more in depth about the department and the different areas of specialty within psychology.