Level 1 - Starfish

  • Exiting the water independently at steps
  • Blowing bubbles out mouth
  • Exiting the water independently at wall
  • Blowing bubbles out nose
  • Flutter kicks using steps and noodle
  • Flutter kicks using kickboard
  • Front float with assistance
  • Back float with assistance
  • Torpedo pass
  • Jump into chest deep water

Level 2 - Jellyfish

  • Streamline push off from wall
  • Back push off from wall
  • Flutter kicks at steps
  • Flutter kicks with noodle
  • Introduction to Head Lead Kicking
  • Holding breath 5-10 seconds
  • Blowing bubbles out nose
  • Exit water at wall without assistance
  • Jump into deep water, recover, and return to wall

Level 3 - Seahorse

  • Kick across pool with kickboard without touching bottom
  • Streamline push off from wall
  • Jump into deep water, swim 10 feet on front
  • Introduction to freestyle arm stroke
  • Jump into deep water, swim 10 feet on back
  • Introduction to backstroke

Level 4 - Angelfish

  • Rhythmic bobs-inhaling and exhaling
  • Holding breath for 5-10 seconds
  • Kick on side, hand lead with rotation
  • Freestyle arm stroke and rotation
  • Single Switch Backstroke
  • Introduction to pulsing
  • Streamline pushoff on front
  • Streamline pushoff on back

Level 5 - Lobster

  • Side kick, hand lead with rotation
  • Shark fin/side zipper freestyle
  • Streamline push off on front
  • Streamline push off on back
  • Single switch Freestyle
  • Single Switch Backstroke
  • Hand lead pulsing
  • Almost Catch-up Freestyle Drill
  • Finger Tip Drag Freestyle Drill
  • One Arm Backstroke Drill

Level 6 - Penguin

  • Continue working on stroke length for freestyle and backstroke
  • Hand lead and head lead pulsing
  • Somersaults Elementary Backstroke
  • Breaststroke kick and arm stroke
  • One pull, two kick breaststroke
  • Open turns for freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke

Level 7 - Tsunami

  • Distance swimming for all strokes while maintaining proper technique
  • Adding speed to all strokes
  • In water starts for all four strokes
  • Out of water starts for all four strokes
  • Flip turns for freestyle and backstroke
  • Open turns for breaststroke and butterfly

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