Check SDS/ MSDSs before storing or removing a chemical. Find out if it must be kept away from anything (light, water, air, high or low temperatures, or other chemicals) to prevent a dangerous reaction.
Organize storage areas so chemicals don’t have to be taken through areas containing incompatibles.
Check storage areas regularly. Look for unsafe storage practices including weak shelving units.
Keep at least 18 inches between stored materials and sprinklers—36 inches if you’re storing very flammable material.
Close containers as soon as you’ve removed quantities you need. Label secondary containers.
Wear the correct protective equipment when handling hazardous chemicals. Check the MSDS for instructions.
Use bonding and grounding connections on flammable-liquid drums and small receptacles during transfer.
Transport acid bottles in carriers, not by hand.
Clean up even the smallest leaks promptly and properly.
Check containers regularly for leaks or wear and report any problems immediately.
Check containers regularly to see if any are outdated or never used Ask your supervisor if such chemicals can be disposed of properly.
Report any container that doesn’t have a label.
Keep packing materials such as straw or paper in a fire-resistant room equipped with a sprinkler system.
Keep the work area clean, neat, and dust-free.


Take more from a hazardous chemical container than you need for the job.
Use or remove anything from a container that doesn’t have a label.
Store hazardous chemicals near heat or strong sunlight; they might expand and cause a fire or explosion.
Stack materials so they block exits, firefighting equipment, alarms, or sprinklers.
Smoke, eat, drink, apply makeup anywhere near the chemicals and storage areas.
Siphon by mouth.
Mix chemicals with each other or with any substance (even water!) without specific instructions to do so.
Mix acids and water.
Leave used flammable liquids containers near heat sources.

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