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The Summer Bridge Program at Ohio Wesleyan University is a free, three-week residential experience program with academic credit that aims to provide first-year students the skills needed to thrive at OWU. Students will take part in a learning experience that is intended to improve their ability to think critically, quantitatively, and qualitatively while also providing them with access to resources across the institution. The program is open to all incoming first-year students with a focus on first-generation students, students of color, LGBTQIA+ students, and any other historically underserved populations. 


Benefits of the Summer Bridge Program:

  • Students start fall semester with academic credit hours
  • Required Trip -- allows a theory-to-practice application - 2024 cohort will travel to Kentucky
  • Attend workshops geared to their academic success and personal development (examples: including self-awareness, time-management, communication, research methods, social justice, and healthy relationships)
  • Become familiar with campus resources and services
  • Connect with other students, faculty and staff
  • Develop successful time management skills
  • Celebrate the "Small Wins" throughout your first-year experience
  • Connection to the Delaware and Columbus, OH areas
  • Develop life-long friendship


Summer Bridge Program 2024

Application Coming Soon...

Required Important Dates

The Summer Bridge Program is Completely Free!

The Division of Student Success & Engagement provides comprehensive coverage for housing, food, and social activities. Students and families are only expected to pay for personal items and transportation to campus.

Housing & Meals

Under the guidance of junior and senior peer mentors, students will share a residence hall and enjoy an authentic OWU experience. As a participant, you will also have the chance to enter your permanent residence hall before first-year students often do. Throughout the program, all meals are provided.


Please email the Summer Bridge Program Staff at omsa@owu.edu if you have any questions regarding the program.

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