The OMSA Success Fund provides wraparound support resources for low-income students in need. The goal of this fund is to help retain students for at least one full academic year, from the time they access the fund.


The OMSA Success Fund provides resources for tuition, books, and/or personal expenses that would otherwise threaten a student's ability to persist at Ohio Wesleyan.

The Fund is meant to only become available to students once other resources have been exhausted. When applying, students will first be referred to other campus resources such as the WCSA Emergency Grant or Financial Aid.

What It Covers & Amount

The funds are available for such things as tuition balances, books or required classroom materials, or urgent medical expenses not covered by your insurance. These funds may not be used for travel-away opportunities, or personal technology. Students are able to receive up to $2000 per academic year.

Examples of Possible Expenses

  • Tuition gaps, including fees as appropriate
  • Books and/or classroom materials (e.g., on-line codes, lab equipment fees, art materials, etc.)
  • Clothing for the winter months
  • Medical / Dental expenses that would otherwise hinder persistence
  • Public transportation expenses to/from campus during holiday breaks

Examples of Expenses Not Covered

  • New laptop or phone
  • Legal fees
  • Costs of travel-away or OWU Connection activities
  • Alcohol, tobacco, or any other controlled substance
  • Medical / Dental expenses that are cosmetic

Who's Eligible

The OMSA Success Fund is open to any currently enrolled OWU student who qualifies for a Pell grant, or has qualified for a Pell grant in the last two academic semesters.

To find out if you meet these criteria, contact Financial Aid.

Application Process

  1. Complete the application online. All applications are reviewed by a committee chaired by the Asst. Dean of OMSA.
  2. Once reviewed, you may be required to meet with the Asst. Dean for OMSA or another Student Engagement & Success staff person to discuss your request and any other possible resources available to you.
  3. If approved, staff will make any purchases on your behalf and/or transfer funds to the registrar, book store, or any other University entity as appropriate.


Contact OMSA with any questions about the Success Fund.